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Swimming Pool Heating - Save energy & money & be Eco-friendly as possible Tips
Natural swimming pools and ponds

Heating a Swimming Pool - Top 10 Cost-Efficient & Eco-friendly ways to heat a pool

...Heat Pump Pool Heater (HPPH). One of the things we’re asked a lot at EcoHome is “ How can I reduce the cost of heating my swimming pool? ” There are clearly two factors here – just like when heating a home. On one hand we need to consider how to reduce the cost of the energy used to heat the pool, on the other hand w...

Saving Energy in Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs - Our Top Tips to Save Money
Natural swimming pools and ponds

Top tips for energy efficient swimming pools - reduce pool cleaning & running costs

...heat pump for heating your pool water. If you do have a heat pump, then you’ll have to either put that on the same timer routine, or not use one at all, as they rely on the filtration pump pushing the water around in order to cycle the unit heating the water. Otherwise, if you have solar panels for heating your pool ...

Earthship in Taos, New Mexico, shame they don't work in cold climates
Concept and design

Do Earthships work in cold climates?

...heat loss' in winter, right before describing how it works - you open the greenhouse skylight and the hot air rushes out, creating a vacuum and drawing in fresh air through the earth tubes. If you intentionally release heat you worked hard to collect, to me that qualifies as heat loss, especially if you have to compe...

Natural swimming pool design (NSP) for eco homes
Natural swimming pools and ponds

Natural ponds and natural swimming pools to heat a pool in the most effective & Eco-friendly way, saving energy & money here . From the EcoHome Green Building Guides as well as how to save energy on swimming pool running costs and hot tub operation here. Safety and municipal laws: Like any swimming pool, natural pools can be a potential safety hazard ...

Lifestyle and environment

Emergency preparedness guide for homes

...pumps, etc. Most heating equipment requires power to begin operating but not necessarily to continue operating. Remember that gas goes bad, so don’t keep a generator full unless you use it regularly. You can keep a small jerry can of gas to fill it, but every few months it’s a good idea to replace it. A small amoun...

Canada Greener Homes Grant 2021 - How to apply fiberglass attic insulation
Grants and incentives

Canada Greener Homes Grant 2021 - the "how to apply" guide - step by step

...Heating like Heat Pumps Make the switch to more energy-efficient heating equipment to save on your utility bill and reduce your carbon footprint Maximum Grant Amount: Up to $5,000 Installing Photovoltaic Solar Panels Install photovoltaic solar panels to convert sunlight energy into electricity. Maximu...

How to fix noisy baseboard heaters
Heating and cooling

Fixing noisy baseboard heaters, How to stop that clicking easily !

...heat pumps result in a better comfort level than baseboard heaters, as they reduce the relative humidity level in the home and circulate the air – evening out the room’s temperature. How to fix noisy water-heated baseboard heaters? Some noisy baseboard heaters are water heated – so we should also mention them speci...

Passive home designer Harold Orr, one of the original high performance homes
Passive solar home design

The principal designer of the house that inspired the global Passivhaus movement reflects on the project that started it all.

...pumps and heat exchangers to supply heat to the house and provide domestic hot water. Well how did the house perform? The solar system heated the house during the first two years: Fuel cost : $0.00 Electricity for Pumps : $40.00 Maintenance: $10,000.00* Total $10,040.00 per year If we had heated the house w...

Crawlspace radon barrier installation for radon mitigation
Radon in Homes - Mitigation

Removing radon gas from basements and crawlspaces and installing a radon barrier is to ventilate your work area. Open windows, put in a temporary low level inlet that goes outside at least 5 feet away from the window and turn on the fan for a couple of hours before you go working down there. Safety first, once you know there's an issue with radon in your home, av...

Geothermal Heating Systems
Heat pumps, geothermal and AC

Geothermal heating for Homes in North America - Does it work & will it save money?

...heating and cooling is to use that consistent interior earth temperature to balance our wildly varying North American & Canadian surface temperatures. With the use of heat pumps, geothermal heating and cooling systems extract heat energy and transfer it into buildings, saving approximately 50 to 60% on heating and co...

Dual axis solar tracker
Solar photovoltaic

Choosing between solar trackers and fixed solar panels mounts

...heat pumps to replace those that use fossil fuels). Replace any incandescent bulbs with LEDs. Now you are ready to size a system that will meet your demand at the most affordable price. To be factored when determining the size and location of a panel array: Average annual power consumption Geographical lo...