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Passive Solar Home design at it's best - Kenogami House - EcoHome
Passive solar home design

Ecohome Kenogami House wins Home of the Year Award

...the home, unheated water is pumped through the concrete slab floor to help transfer the warmth of the sun from the southern exposure to the north end of the house, also making sure rooms exposed to the sun do not overheat. The following table charts the temperatures over the course of a 4 day period with variable tem...

The passive solar home in Lac Kenogami, Quebec
Passive solar home design

Ecohome design wins House of the Year Award from Green Builder® Magazine

...the best of this unfortunate situation and pushed the envelope on energy efficiency during the design process of his new home. Alain enlisted the help of Ecohome (and Quebec counterpart Écohabitation), and together they set their sights on a target at the top end of building performance - Net Zero Energy - which refe...

The Elegant Farm hydroponic bottle garden

Hydroponic bottle gardener launches kickstarter campaign

...of rockwool, leaving them to sprout. After a week or so, the seeds can be transplanted into one of the Elegant Farm planters to grow. The Elegant Farm is extremely energy efficient. A small air pump uses bubbles of air to lift sections of water up from the reservoir to the top of the Elegant Farm. Water drips down th...

Preventing radon gas in homes starts with testing for radon - the only sure way
Radon in Homes - Mitigation

Radon Gas Awareness - Up to 10% of North American homes tested have unsafe radon levels

...of radon concentration in homes, which took place over two years and included 18,000 participants. Their conclusion was that 6.9% of Canadians live in homes where the radon concentration is greater than the maximum guideline of 200 Bq / m3. So every home should test for radon? Basically "Yes" . The only way to know...

Indoor hydroponic vegetable garden
Food production

Growing food indoors

...of window. There is a small tank for the nutrient mix at the bottom of each column that will last for one to seven days depending on the number of plants and management of the water supply. Each tank is equipped with a small air pump that circulates the nutrient mix to the top of the column. The nutrient mix then des...

Quarantine DIY Projects to do with Kids - Refinishing Wood

Home improvement projects to do with kids - Refinishing wood

...of us to the essential workers – the doctors and nurses, the people keeping hospitals clean and running, the grocery store workers, the delivery and truck drivers, the gas station attendants and all the other public service workers who put themselves at risk every day for the rest of us. Thanks. For those of us at ho...

Yukon's first LEED certified home
LEED Homes

The Yukon's First LEED Certified Home

...the cost to build this home actually came in under market rates for a comparable sized home. After a year of occupancy, what's really impressive is that this home ended up using 30% less energy than modelling predicted. With an average annual heating bill of about $500 in one of the coldest parts of our country, heat...

Passively-heated off-grid LEED Gold home
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

Off-grid living blog part 6 - energy modeling projections and real performance

...of the home. It is no surprise that the above grade walls are the biggest component, since they make up much more surface area than any other part of the home. The walls would have been one of the most expensive parts of the home to upgrade, due to the amount of materials needed to cover that much area. The next high...

Net Zero Energy homes Edmonton Alberta
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

Net Zero Energy house in Edmonton, Alberta

...home owners, local experts and Effect Home Builders . Together they are pushing the envelope to design and build Net Zero Energy homes that produce as much energy throughout the year as they consume. Net Zero Energy home © Effect Home Builders Technology in the Three Belgravia Green Homes: A...

HERD Home energy rating disclosure
Grants and incentives

Ontario's Home Energy Rating and Disclosure plan (HERD) is great news for home buyers

...homeowners money on utilities as well as increase the value of homes that take advantage of the assistance offered. The Home Energy Transparency Coalition applauds the Ontario government for taking a bold step in the fight against climate change. About the Home Energy Transparency Coalition: The Home Energy Transparenc...

The Best 10 Energy Saving Tips for Green Homes - EcoHome
Wall assemblies - renovation

Green home improvements: an energy-saving pyramid scheme that actually works!

...thermostat down 4 degrees Fahrenheit , wearing socks in the home and dressing appropriately for the season is the easiest way to save money! Conversely, in summer, turn the thermostat to a comfortable temperature and think about when to ventilate the home sensibly to avoid letting the cool air out of your home and the ...