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House built by Matthew Smith of Mapleridge Homes
LEED Homes

LEED comes to the gatineau hills

...Home designs will begin at 1,600 square feet for $288,900 (plus lot and taxes), a size and price that keeps them easily competitive with conventionally built ho...

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Concept, design and architecture

Efficient home design

...home Edelweiss House uses less energy for heat than most homes use for domestic hot water. Learn about the efficient heating strategies here. A house with ...

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B.C.’s First Passive House
Passive House

B.C.’s First Passive House Opens Its Doors for Public Viewing on Saturday, April 14, 2012.

...homes is anything but new. Solar heat collection is a technique that has been used in home construction for thousands of years. What is relatively new is the ra...

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Exterior air barrier membrane © Ecohome
Air and vapour barriers

How to install an air barrier for reduced air leakage

...home Demo House has a vapour permeable exterior air barrier and with an ACH rate of .69 is many times more airtight than the average new home. Air leakage can b...

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Building in flood plains
Lifestyle and environment

Future-proofing homes: building for a changing climate

...homes: Since a home built today should be around at least many decades, it is worth anticipating the possible challenges we might have to face in an uncert...

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Home construction
How to Find Qualified Green Building Professionals

Hiring professionals or doing it yourself

...home: LEED Platinum prefabricated home © Roman Szumski Prefab home manufacturers are beginning to pick up on green building trends and are start...

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Passive solar home design

Ecohome Kenogami House wins Home of the Year Award

...homeowner and part of the Ecohome design team, Alain Hamel will continue to experiment with the latest energy systems to further enhance the performance and the...

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Passive solar home design

Saskatchewan: The birthplace of high performance buildings and passive solar home design

...designs in fuel-efficiency and electrically powered vehicles. Yet if you look back to the late 1800s, electric vehicles outsold combustion powered vehicles. ...

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Photovoltaic solar panels
Renewable energy

Solar heating and energy generation

...home renewable energy production essentially a noble, yet unprofitable undertaking for homeowners. Regardless of financial returns though, any home renewab...

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Sustainably built accessory dwelling units from FabCab
Tiny house

The FabCab prefabricated building

...designs flexibility into a home so that its layout can be easily modified when the need arises, which reduces the need for expensive and wasteful remodeling dow...

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Ssolar air heater
Solar thermal collectors

All about solar air heaters - DIY or purchased

...home The above diagram indicates the basic concept of a solar air heater, and while there are many designs, the basic principle is the same - a small fa...

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