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Skylights can be problematic in a high performance home
Windows and doors

Are skylights an asset or a liability?

...with this here . The problem is not necessarily a fault or defect during installation or manufacturing, but an issue of physics. Ignoring entirely the aesthetic appeal for a moment, the reality is that skylights will most likely be a big energy drain in any climate (due to added heating or cooling needs) and increasi...

Why a Zero Waste Lifestyle is Important
Lifestyle and environment

Next to Nothing: Why Living Zero-Waste Matters

...with alternatives made of glass, wood, or other durable, eco-friendly materials. Choosing greener household cleaners and personal care products that come in minimal or compostable packaging. Opting for a refillable water bottle or a reusable coffee mug and using metal or glass straws. Switching to a diet with mor...

Condensation on windows in our homes - why is it there? - how to stop it?
Walls and Roofs

Condensation on windows is a pain but is it a problem & how to stop it?

...with high humidity. In 2004 the Institute of Medicine (IOM) found there was sufficient evidence to link indoor exposure to mold with upper respiratory tract symptoms, cough, and wheeze in otherwise healthy people; with asthma symptoms in people with asthma; and with hypersensitivity pneumonitis in individuals suscept...

Is EPS foam eco-friendly? Exterior home insulation rigid foam panels
Insulation and soundproofing

Does plastic foam or Styrofoam insulation have a place in green building?

...wood framed structures? Were we to fast forward into the future with more people, less usable crop land, less forests, less old newspapers kicking around, which insulation could - and on a truly grand scale - meet the demands of the global building industry with the least impact? Well, it’s starting to seem like that...

Affordable green prefab homes - contemporary rancher style - Abri 1850 BV
Architecture and plan design

Prefab Homes for Sale - Beautiful & Sustainable - Available Now

...with plasterboard finish for thermal mass, kitchen island and cabinets in low VOC & formaldehyde-free plywood with hardwearing UV finish , non-toxic quartz countertops , every effort having been made to ensure these homes have an exceptionally healthy indoor air quality . Passive Solar Homes: leading by design The ...

Building a Passive House that's LEED Certified too - an Owner's Tale
Passive House

An owner/builder's account of building a Passive House

...wood structure (an alternative to double-stud would be a Larson truss wall, see here for details) jammed with 17” of dense-pack cellulose insulation . A 1-1/2” service cavity inside is capped with drywall, while the exterior is sheathed with 1-1/2” fibreboard, double furring and vertical hemlock siding for a total of R...

Affordable Modern Prefab Eco Homes Available - The S1600
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

The S1600 - affordable modern prefab eco homes for families

...with non-toxic, sustainable and natural building materials. The wall structure is composed of FSC certified lumber and an exterior wood fiber insulation panel, and the interior of the walls contains dense-packed cellulose insulation finished in the model house with a beautiful VOC & Formaldehyde-free plywood instead of...

Passive House in Quebec
Passive House

The Passive-Aggressive House - Our History of a Passivhaus Build

...with our permanent shelters too? There are indeed no good reasons. But there are reasons. Our Passivhaus design was engineered We initially thought ourselves lucky to meet an engineer with impressive Passive House credentials. After months of discussions, he presented us with floor plans, which, to our eyes, look...

Earthship in Taos, New Mexico, shame they don't work in cold climates
Concept and design

Do Earthships work in cold climates?

...with natural and recycled materials, have no energy bills, use no fossil fuels, are passively heated and cooled and occupants live in harmony and balance with the earths natural cycles. This is nothing near to how they are actually being built anymore, but facts seldom interfere with the spreading of a familiar and com...

Problem areas of air leakage in a home and blower door test being cond
Air and vapour barriers

Airtight Construction of Homes is Essential: "Your house sucks." "Oh yeah? your house blows!"

...With some design foresight, habit alterations and some window action, you can keep a house pretty comfortable in summer on all but the most brutally hot and humid days. Some last thoughts on living habits that may help with balancing air pressure: Unless you live in an old and incredibly leaky home where you welc...

A Tiny House for sale locally set me thinking, should I buy a Tiny Home?
Tiny house


...with with what I discovered. Are cute Tiny Homes for sale on wheels generally a good buy? That's what I set out to find out... So what are Tiny Houses exactly? A Tiny House is generally considered to be 400 square foot or under , which is a stark contrast when compared to the average U.S. and Canadian-sized h...