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Hemp fibreboard and Hemp insulation - the Green Building choice
Wood and organic materials

Hemp building supplies

...healthy and sustainable To understand the significant environmental benefits of hemp-based products, it’s best to begin with hemp’s unique growth period. Hemp can go from seed to a ready-to-harvest material in as little as 120 days, making it one of the most rapidly-renewable materials in the world. To put this into ...

How to Choose between an HRV and ERV system

Choosing between an HRV and an ERV need ventilation, whether natural or mechanical with an ERV or HRV system. Buildings and houses are no longer constructed leaking heat and moist air the way they used to be; we now build them as airtight as we can, especially Passive House or LEED certified homes. This makes mechanical ventilation essential in th...

Efficient home design

Phase change building materials - natural heat storage in buildings that were attempting to reach Zero Net Energy, as it an provide comfort and help balance home temperatures with reduced energy demand for heating and cooling. With very little testing information available we're not comfortable making claims as to how well this or any other such products work, how long they wil...

CaGBC, LEED green building trends
LEED Homes

New report shows Canadian green building market growing steadily with owners seeing strong benefits from building green.

...healthy green buildings have," says Harvey Bernstein, Vice President of Industry Insights and Alliances at McGraw Hill Construction. "As research continues to demonstrate the value of these investments on companies' productivity and the bottom line, we think that occupant health and satisfaction is going to be an even ...

Indoor hydroponic vegetable garden
Food production

Growing food indoors

...healthy cherry tomato plant can be grown in something as small as a reclaimed wine bottle. This system also allows users to save water as each closed circuit system can use the same nutrient mix for several days and when the water needs to be changed it can be used again to water potted plants. The folks at BioCity...

Crawl Spaces or Slab on Grade Foundations?
Crawl spaces

Should I Build on a Slab on Grade Foundation or a Crawl Space? with durability strategies. If termites DO eat into your foam foundation, it would likely take an infestation of biblical proportions to remove enough insulation to cause a structural issue or any significant heat loss. So if an apocalyptic invasion of termites should happen, don’t worry about your slab; grab you...

Passive House certification - PHI or PHIUS? The Spring House Passive House
Passive House

Everything you need to know about Passive House certification in Saskatoon today, in fact throughout North America; " Everybody should be building the equivalent to the passive house , " he said recently, and EcoHome agrees, though we do have "a thing" for non-toxic homes too, especially as high-efficiency homes tend to be more airtight, so the chemicals we choose to use in...

Building Green Homes on a Budget is Possible - Our top tips
Planning and Design

Top tips for planning and building a green home on a budget

...healthy and eco-friendly building supplies while keeping to a budget; here are a few examples that will help you choose: Which insulation is best for different applications Choosing the right rigid insulation boards Eco-friendly flooring options Choosing safe paint Find durable and healthy green kitchen cou...

Which House Plants are Best to Clean Air & Remove Toxins?
Healthy indoor air quality

Which house plants are best for purifying air? Ecohome investigates due to ventilation equipment. Do house plants purify the air in a home? No, they do not. An ideal HVAC design for homes would include a ventilation intake near the kitchen, which would pull out between 100 and 200 CFMs (cubic feet per minute) of air locally; there is no plant that can process that volum...

Choosing a building lot

Things to look for when purchasing land for building a house make it impossible to locate both septic and well on a lot. This recommendation is intended to help you scratch potential lots off a list, not to confirm them as feasible. Unless you're a pro, don't rely on your own conclusions to declare a lot buildable. Some building lots may already have a well; if so, fin...

Fire retardants in furniture are intended to slow flames
Interior design and furnishing

Flame retardants in furnishings - an unnecessary and serious health risk

With the intention of reducing the speed at which flames can spread, fire-retardant compounds are added to almost all the materials we furnish our homes with: children's toys, curtains, carpets, mattresses, sofas, electronics, plastic, etc. How flame retardants work: The chemicals generally used as flame retardant...