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Bathroom with refinished claw foot tub and barn board trim in a home c
Materials and resources

Finding environmentally friendly materials

...harvested products to the mainstream marketplace. Wood carrying the FSC logo has passed a 3rd party independent assesment, and has been harvested from a sustainably managed forest. But the most sustainable building materials you’ll find, are the ones that have been used before. There are businesses that specialize ...

Marmoleum is a non-toxic eco choice for flooring
Flooring and stairs

Marmoleum: a healthy and durable flooring option.

...harvested pine trees. This mix is heated and run through rollers that press the flooring into a sheet and onto a fabric backing (usually jute), then hung to cure. No toxins are used or produced during the manufacturing, and no off-gassing occurs in homes after installation. Besides using green ingredients, marmoleu...

Stairs made from reclaimed barn beams
Wood and organic materials

All about wood

...harvested responsibly. In an effort to combat the devastation caused by destructive forestry practices, certification programs like FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certifies wood comes from a sustainably managed forest , so FSC labelled wood is always preferred. Where to buy wood: Wherever you live in Canada, ther...

Timber frame construction
Wood and organic materials

Wood frame construction

...harvested , and recently outlined a new timber regulation established by the EU, who wish to ban illegally harvested timber, both imported and domestically produced, from the market, stating, “From 3 March 2013, any operator who places timber or timber products on the EU market for the first time must ensure that they ...

Shaded vegetable garden success
Food production

Growing vegetables in the shade

...harvested with care, they are both edible and highly nutritious. When harvested in the early spring they are oh so very tender. Try them steamed stir fried or in pesto! Recipe for Nettle pesto here. Fiddleheads of the Ostrich Fern: The term -fiddlehead' refers to the new shoots of the fern, which resemble the curled ...

DIY cork flooring pros, cons & installation guide with video
Flooring and stairs

Cork flooring installation - the eco-friendly flooring choice, with "how to" video

...harvested from trees without killing them . Although it comes from far away (mostly Portugal), its carbon footprint from transportation is quite reasonable given that it is light-weight and can be made very thin - so a lot packs into a shipping container. Cork flooring is hypoallergenic, warm underfoot, makes controlli...

FSC certified wood carries the FSC certification labels
Wood and organic materials

All about FSC certified lumber & wood products - Why FSC certification is important

...harvested from a sustainably managed forest. When buying lumber or wood products, like eco-friendly hardwood flooring , pay attention and look for the FSC certification. Wood with a FSC logo ensures it should come from sustainably managed forests Wood and paper producers are subject to mandatory verification an...

The LEED rating system
LEED Homes

The LEED rating system

...harvested, produced, and transported products and materials with a documented chain of custody. It also promotes waste reduction as well as material reuse and recycling. Indoor Environmental Quality (21 points) There are upwards of 80,000 known chemicals in various household products, materials, finishes, and furni...

Hemp insulation products for USA & Canada rolling off the production line
Insulation and soundproofing

Hemp insulation in Canada & USA - insulating naturally is an Eco-friendly alternative

...harvested hemp will provide 75% of the raw material required for production. "25% of our hemp still comes from France," says Sébastien Belec, General Manager of Nature Fibres, "but we hope that local production will soon meet all of our needs". Hemp insulation batts ready for Green Home construction © Nature Fibres...

Rain barrels for storm water management and rainwater harvesting
Rainwater Collection & Watering

Introduction to rainwater harvesting

...harvested using a "first flush" system and protected from light is safe to use for bathing and other household use. With a sizeable underground cistern, it is possible to meet the entire annual flushing needs of a household with only rainwater, as sytems can be charged in winter with snow melt...

Net Zero Energy Home ZNE in Edmonton Alberta
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

Award winning Net Zero Energy house in Edmonton Alberta Leads the Way

...harvested in the fall, planted indoors in winter and brought back outside in spring. Additional native plants were planted as well. Light and air: Expansive windows light and heat the home and create the feeling of being outside and connected to nature. Appropriately-sized roof overhangs regulate the amount of sun en...