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...Hardie board) Fiber Cement Siding (Hardie Board)© Céline Lecomte Fibre cement siding board was developed by James Hardie industries over a century ago as "Hardie Board". The original product was made from cement and asbestos, modern day production has replaced the asbestos with healthier alter...

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...Board, which is the same material as Roxul batts but in the form of a rigid board. By wrapping all the walls in mineral wool, it prevents thermal bridging, where heat would otherwise pass through the wood framing (which is a poor insulator compared to the insulation it holds in place). Finally, the exterior has a hou...

Installing Siding Correctly
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...board to trim boards: This creates a dead end that traps humidity in walls behind siding. Cutting boards short and relying on caulking to fill the gap: Caulking will eventually fail, letting water in but also potentially keeping it in. Boards are best installed tight, a certain amount of shrinking will occur but any ...