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Shaded vegetable garden success
Food production

Growing vegetables in the shade

...grown in full sun, they will still produce plenty of tender greens when grown in partial shade. Kale, mustard greens, collards : 3-4 hours of sun exposure per day. Again, your plants may be a bit smaller than those grown in full sun, but will still be worthy of your time and energy, producing plenty for consumption! ...

Indoor hydroponic vegetable garden
Food production

Growing food indoors

...grow arugula, chard, strawberries, cherry tomatoes and more all year round in your very own home. Thanks to the craftsmanship and innovation of the folks at Montreal based company BioCity, growing a plethora of veggies at home with little more than a south-facing window has never been easier As we here at Ecohome...

Tips for Urban Gardening and Gardening in Small Spaces
Food production

Grow food at home: 8 great tips for growing food in small spaces

...grown vegetables and fruit , especially those that come from our own soil. For those of you who would like to grow food at home but have limited space, don't despair. Your dream of home-grown food is still within reach. You may be wondering how to grow vegetables if you have little to no space with full sun exposure,...

The village of Baie-Saint-Paul in Charlevoix
Choosing where to live

Moving to the country - living a rural lifestyle

...owns is one of community and accessible downtown cores. Essential services like grocery stores, banks and post offices are usually grouped closely together, as are schools, so children can often reach them by foot, bike or short bus ride. When your daily routine can be carried out by your own power, your carbon footpri...

The Elegant Farm hydroponic bottle garden

Hydroponic bottle gardener launches kickstarter campaign

...growth Only requires water every week or two. Easy to hang in many different ways Easy to setup and start growing Sprouting your own seeds is virtually free To help make this a reality or simply get your hands on one, check out Elegant Farm and start growing!

Urban farming

Urban Farming turns beautiful gardens into a grocery store!

...growing food in places with less than ideal conditions. Here are some suggestions for maximizing your harvest in those spots. You can grow food in small spaces , and can also find out which are the best vegetables to grow in the shade - it simply takes choosing the right varieties and using the best techniques for succ...

ProductiveHouse in Montreal
Choosing where to live

Green living in the city

...your own garden is a great use of outdoor space and can noticeably supplement your summer food production. Even if the only space you have is a balcony or patio, if you have a bit of sun, you can grow a bit of food. There are edibles that grow well in shaded areas, and investigate outdoor hydroponics to increase your...

Growing Food Indoors, Vegetables for Homes & Apartments
Food production

Food & Greens can be grown easily indoors - here's how!

...grow sprouts in your window Growing sprouts requires very little setup once you have seeds. It can be done with as little as a mason jar to get you started, and as your sprouts and your interest grows, you can accessorize your production kit if you like. Keep in mind – these are just seeds which, in the wild, fall of...

Keyhole Garden

The Keyhole Garden: An Introduction

...own. All of this also amounts to less time being needed to maintain the garden throughout the growing season. Mix a keyhole garden with vegetables that grow in the shade , and you've a winning combination for urban gardens! Here are your basic considerations for building a keyhole garden, broken down to four fairly s...

Lasagna Gardening - How to Build an Easy Vegetable Garden
Food production

Lasagna gardening - the easiest vegetable garden at home?

...your mix when lasagna gardening for the best growth will come with time. Use a mix of compost and soil for a productive food-producing lasagna garden 7) It’s planting time in the lasagna garden! At this point you are ready to plant your seeds or even ‘starts’ if you purchased or started your own plants in pot...

Suburb of Toronto
Choosing where to live

Living a greener lifestyle in the suburbs

...your house and show it off. This can be done by installing solar panels and a full retrofit, or simply by composting, growing your own food, and collecting rainwater . Small steps to reduce our impact add up when we encourage others to do so. If you have no sun but your neighbour has a huge sunny lawn, offer to hel...