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“The perfect lawn” comes with a very heavy environmental cost!

Which are the best bee-friendly & Eco-friendly alternatives to grass lawns in backyards?

...ground-cover alternatives that actually save a lot of maintenance, cost and water these are commonly referred to as “Ground cover.” Groundcover Plants as an alternative to Standard Grass Lawns Groundcovers sprawl across the ground, keeping low and eliminating the need to mow, providing the perfect alternative to cl...

Urban farming

Urban Farming turns beautiful gardens into a grocery store!

...ground covers available that are low maintenance, require infrequent cutting and are even edible. View The EcoHome Guide to Eco-Friendly Lawn Alternatives and Ground Cover Plants Here Invasive species: Dog strangling vine is prevalent across Ontario and West Quebec © Ecohome Over the last couple of centuries,...

Comparing ground source and air source heat pumps
Heating and cooling

Heat Pumps: Ground source geothermal GSHP or air source ASHP, which one is best for heating a home?

...ground source heat pump © Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program A ground source heat pump (GSHP) operates under the same principle, extracting heat from the ground which can then be used to heat homes. That, right there, is the concept of geothermal heating in a nutshell. GSHPs also work in reverse to...

Step by step guide for slab-on-grade home construction
Slab on Grade

Slab-on-grade construction: the ecoHOME A to Z Slab building guide

...covering such as a tarp. DRAINAGE under Slab on Grade Foundations: At the bottom of the foundation drainage trench, install rigid French drain piping (weeping tile) that can drain to a lower level. If that is not possible it should be connected to a sump pump. Cover the French drain with a layer of crushed ston...

Edible Perennials

A guide to growing edible perennials.

...ground cover. Plants that enjoy similar conditions and/or have a symbiotic relationship with one another are often arranged near one another in guilds. Careful consideration to conditions such as soil and exposure to sun as well as guild mates is wise given the significant investment and permanence involved in planting...

Permeable interlock pavers & paving stones
Permeable laneways and patios

Water-permeable landscaping surfaces

...ground but still let the water flow through. Creating a permeable reservoir base: Fully saturated ground cannot always keep up with the rate of falling rainwater, so in order to keep a solid base and avoid runoff, what you effectively need to do is create a water reservoir underneath the final surface of paving sto...

Swimming Pool Heating - Save energy & money & be Eco-friendly as possible Tips
Natural swimming pools and ponds

Heating a Swimming Pool - Top 10 Cost-Efficient & Eco-friendly ways to heat a pool

...covers is that they also reduce evaporation to a near zero rate. Excellent for safety and efficiency, but maybe not so good for the environment due to their extensive use of vinyl as a construction material. (see here) How good an eco-friendly option are bubble type roll up pool covers? Another type of pool cove...

Shipping Container Homes in a Warm Climate might be a good option
Tiny house

Beautiful shipping container homes - Tiny Houses in warm climates

...ground spring, which is filtered at the main residence and pumped to a tank in each cabin. The second shipping container home is a two-storey design with an external staircase and upper as well as lower deck area which has partial cover from the midday sun. Fine for a warm climate tiny house, but I can't see that sta...

Growing Food Indoors, Vegetables for Homes & Apartments
Food production

Food & Greens can be grown easily indoors - here's how!

...covered with a thick cloth or towel so that it’s not forgotten. Re-soak and drain them in the morning and evening to keep them moist. Once you see the start of a sprout form, you can let them see the light. That’s how it happens in nature – a seed in the ground where it is moist and dark begins to sprout, then it wan...

How to plan and budget for home renovations and new builds
Concept and design

Important tips for a successful build or renovation

...ground, be certain you have the funds available to see the project through to the end. Getting funds from a financial institution for a new build is different than for a home purchase, as they can’t be positive you will complete the project, nor will they have confidence that what you build will have market value if ...

Tips for Urban Gardening and Gardening in Small Spaces
Food production

Grow food at home: 8 great tips for growing food in small spaces

...ground covering strawberries do little more than make for fat, happy chipmunks, hanging them means you might get to eat some too. DIY upside down tomato planter instructions here. Worthy of note: We have had great success using sunflowers as the support structure for beans, peas and cucumbers while planting shade t...