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Non-toxic food safe wood finishing oil
Healthy indoor air quality

Naturally made non-toxic wood finishing oil

Livos is a Quebec manufacturer of natural finishing oils, and they are very transparent about the composition of their products which are mainly plants and som...

Concept, design and architecture

How to stay on budget when building a home homes. Patrick is trained in business administration and information management, and is an experienced green building project manager. JP – Patrick, ...

Interior solid pine door
Doors and trim

Interior finishing have a lot more caulking and adhesives than older homes. Adhesives are liberally applied to many surfaces for ease and speed of job completion, as well as...

Home construction
How to Find Qualified Green Building Professionals

Hiring professionals or doing it yourself building. 3. Choosing a prefab home: LEED Platinum prefabricated home © Roman Szumski Prefab home manufacturers are beginning to pick...

Marmoleum is a non-toxic eco choice for flooring
Flooring and stairs

Marmoleum: a healthy and durable flooring option.

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Living green wall
Healthy indoor air quality

Living walls: what they do and don't do wall © The Bahia Studio A living wall (also known as a green wall, plant wall or vertical garden) is not a cheap feature to add to a home, but it ...

Naturally finished red oak floors
Flooring and stairs

Flooring material options

...home to avoid the dust and fumes that come from finishing. Maintenance would be the same as any other wood flooring. We recommend oils over polyurethane, w...

When should you replace windows
Windows and doors

When should you replace old windows?

...homeowners we most often tell them to stick with the ones they've got. Not to say that the idea of replacing windows is always 'green washing', but it's not nec...

Passively-heated off-grid LEED house in Low, Quebec
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

Off-grid living blog: a firsthand account of building and living in a remote area

...greenhouses inside the home, and more. There was a great deal of experimentation going on in building innovative and green homes for the future, with the hope o...

Earthship in Taos, New Mexico
Concept, design and architecture

Do Earthships work in cold climates?

...home insulation a new name - Thermal Wrap . "If the Earthship were a gasoline engine, Thermal Wrap and double or triple greenhouses would be fuel injection...

Installing foam panel insulation, which is best?
Insulation and soundproofing

Rigid insulation panels: which ones to use for different applications

...greenest of the green will have some measurable impact. It takes energy to save energy, and manufacturing insulation is arguably one of the more noble things we...