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Natural Building Insulation Made of Grass - Eco-friendly, Green
Insulation and soundproofing

Non-toxic natural building insulation made of grass

...grass, which, as cool as it sounds, doesn’t look poised to drive rigid foam boards out of the North American building industry just yet. But kudos to the makers of it and we though it deserved a quick shout out. Elephant grass insulation Grasses in nature simply die, rot and grow again, but in cases where it is...

“The perfect lawn” comes with a very heavy environmental cost!

Which are the best bee-friendly & Eco-friendly alternatives to grass lawns in backyards?

...grass lawns - ground covers! North American backyards have one main point in common – Kentucky blue grass. But here we’re talking about ground covers and alternatives to this grass , not a bunch of fiddle and banjo players jamming in your backyard. The traditional green grass we use to cover our front and back ya...

Lasagna Gardening - How to Build an Easy Vegetable Garden
Food production

Lasagna gardening - the easiest vegetable garden at home?

...grass Celebrate your victories, step one complete. The first layer of the garden is the existing grass as it is rich with nitrogen. If you were to remove it, you would need to replace the nutrients that make up those top 6 inches of your yard. 3) Lay down cardboard to kill the grass Laying down cardboard on the g...

Climate change impact of diet
Lifestyle and environment

how your diet affects climate change

...grass-fed eggs and dairy Organic, humane and grass-fed eggs and dairy have a lower environmental impact than what comes out of large-scale production facilities. Grass-fed and pasture-raised animal products have also been shown to be more nutritious and bear less risk of bacterial contamination than the product from ...

Keyhole Garden

The Keyhole Garden: An Introduction

...grass from growing through from the soil below. The second layer needs to provide drainage, this can be done by scattering fist-sized rocks or other materials such as broken terra cotta pots. The next layer can include wood chunks, branches, twigs, ash for potassium, soil and grasses. The layer after that should feat...

Natural backyard swimming pool design (NSP)
Natural swimming pools and ponds

Natural ponds and natural swimming pools

...grass, planting flowers or pulling weeds. To receive a Free 30 page Construction Guide from one of the foremost experts in DIY Natural pool construction that you can keep and refer to later, Click Here Or to see the North American version of his "How To" Pool construction Video Guide Click Here . The Definitive...

Permeable interlock pavers & paving stones
Permeable laneways and patios

Water-permeable landscaping surfaces

...grass grow, but not much. So aside from the ecological impacts that come with an impermeable world, you may need rubber boots to barbeque your dinner on an otherwise lovely evening. Permeable paver stones allow water to flow down between the joints of stones and into the sub-base drainage layers where water is stored...

The Pros & Cons of Lasagna Gardening for Growing Food
Food production

Lasagna Gardening: the pros & cons of a lasagna garden

...grass clippings, kitchen organic scraps, or even coffee grounds – though be careful not to overload it with too rich a compost mix if you are building on acidic or clay soils. Another ‘pro’ for lasagna gardening is that the process of building on grass improves the soil quality of your garden, and you can build up ad...

Lockeport Beach House
Real estate

Lockeport Beach House wins Canadian Green Building award

...grass and the tree-line separating the house from the shore. Skinned in semi-transparent black-stained eastern-white cedar, the house recedes against the forest backdrop. The design, oriented 20° west of south, takes advantage of passive solar orientation . The three-metre deep cantilevered roof provides shade in the...

Tips for Urban Gardening and Gardening in Small Spaces
Food production

Grow food at home: 8 great tips for growing food in small spaces

...grass in a way that uses the nutrients from existing lawns, with care taken to make sure the grass and weeds don’t grow through. Until they do. Because they will. That’s just the life of gardening; embrace it and enjoy it. To see step by step instructions for creating a lasagna garden, see here - or to explore lasagna ...

Tru Earth Eco strips laundry detergent reviews
Lifestyle and environment

Tru Earth Eco-Strip laundry soap reviewed as a liquid laundry detergent alternative

...grass-stained clothes because the blackberry season was so copious (and we've been dreaming about off-grid living ), and we've chosen to social distance by getting out and about in Beautiful British Columbia - and guess what? Tru Earth Eco-Strips have not only cleaned at least as well as our regular laundry detergent...