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the installation of a LucidPipe power generator via Lucid Energy

Portland, Oregon will Soon Generate Hydroelectric Power in Water Pipes Under City Streets.

...generates power across a very wide range of flow conditions, volumes and velocities". Riverside, California has been a test site for the LucidPipe, where the fourth generation model is in place. According to Kevin Milligan, the water utility's assistant general manager, the turbine has worked "flawlessly" and generat...


Lights, appliances and all things electrical

...generate your own power, but what the most efficient method for you is depends largely on your geographical location as well as the topography of your property. Different regions experience different amounts of sunshine and wind, greatly affecting the output of systems. The viability of wind power changes by region, ...

Hydronic heating system
Delivery: radiant, forced-air and decentralized

Hydronic heating

...generate heat, so all the same environmental realities apply. Heating the liquid in a hydronic system can be achieved in many ways: Tankless (on demand) water heaters Combination hot water tank and boiler Combination solar water heater and boiler Geothermal heat pumps Hydronic radiators and baseboard heat...

Wind farm
Wind power

Storing power from wind farms

...generate hydroelectric power. There are close to a dozen facilities like this in the US alone, none in Canada unfortunately. Belgium has recently announced plans to build an offshore hydroelectric power storage reservoir, but rather than pump water into it, water will be pumped out. An artificial horseshoe shaped isl...

Reducing the need for air conditioning
Heating and cooling

How to keep homes cool without air conditioning

...generate heat, everything down to your laptop and TV. But first set your sights on the big offenders: Old refrigerators are not very efficient and can generate a significant amount of heat. When it's time for a replacement, airm for an ENERGY STAR certified fridge. Incandescent and halogen bulbs produce far more ...

High efficiency appliances

Efficient appliances and electronics

...generate heat. You end up paying for that power use, and a lot of times you will pay again to remove that heat with your air conditioner. Short of running out and replacing all the electronics in your home, keeping them on power bars can make for an easy shut down when not in use. For new house starts, you can even i...

Net Zero Energy homes Edmonton Alberta
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

Net Zero Energy house in Edmonton, Alberta

...generate electricity to supply their own electricity needs, and sell any excess to local utilities. Passive solar: South facing windows will allow the sun's warmth to passively heat the structural concrete floor in the showhome. Insulation: Expanded polystyrene (EPS) will be used under basement concrete slabs...

Heat pump hot water heaters, why they're a good idea
Plumbing and water heaters

How heat pump hot water heaters work and why you should get one

...generate hot water, so the more efficient the air heating system is, the more efficient the hot water heater will be. That's why you get the most out of it when you pair it with an air source heat pump, because they are a very efficient heat source when combined. Heat pump water heaters are less beneficial in homes t...

heat pumps in tandem with heat pump hot water tanks
Heat pumps, geothermal and AC

Increased efficiency with heat pumps working in tandem

...generate hot water, so in the winter that 3 to 1 heating ratio of the first heat pump is transferred to the water heater. And the more 'free' heat you have in winter (solar gains and general occupancy) the more efficient it becomes. In summer it acts as an air conditioner while it extracts heat from the air to genera...

LED filament bulbs

All about LED filament bulbs

...generate Power at Home? Future-Proof Building Techniques for a Changing Climate Find more about green home construction and reap the benefits of a free Ecohome Network Membership here . Sources: LED Inside: the next generation of filament bulbs Arron Birkland Green Building Advisor

What is a heat pump
Heat pumps, geothermal and AC

Heat pumps: what they are and how they work

...generated by a heat pump is typically less intense than a conventional gas furnace. For example, a heat pump typically generates heat at temperatures between 32 and 37 degrees Celsius, which is slightly lower than your body temperature. By comparison, a typical natural gas furnace will generate heat at closer to 50 deg...