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building with recycled shipping pallets
Recycled and Reclaimed Materials

Building with recycled shipping pallets

...Garden” is their 5th feature garden installation for the annual Canada Blooms Garden Festival. Building with shipping pallets © b Sq. Design Studio With interior and exterior climbable walls, plenty of counter space, a 12 foot roof deck and two door openings, this structure is the ultimate pla...

The Archipod
Tiny house

Have a backyard home office delivered by truck space separate from the home not only capitalizes on the benefits of telecommuting, but neutralizes the challenges. Enter: the garden pod. Aiming to create a garden office building that was efficient, ergonomic, unusual, while complimenting a garden landscape, it's safe to say that the Archipod team met their ...

Laneway house by Lanefab Design/Build
Interior design and furnishing

Interior furnishings & decor

...Office and bedroom furniture Newer materials often contain formaldehyde, which will be off-gassing into your home for years. That alone makes the case for antiquing if you have a fat wallet, or garage sale trolling if you don't. Formaldehyde in furnishings will evaporate over time, so for that reason alone, the older...

Living green wall
Healthy indoor air quality

Living walls: what they do and don't do is not a cheap feature to add to a home, but it can have a positive function. We live increasingly busy and stressful lives in a sterile environment that is heavily laden with pinging devices; that disconnect from nature can negatively affect your mental and physical well-being. There have been links document...

The village of Baie-Saint-Paul in Charlevoix
Choosing where to live

Moving to the country - living a rural lifestyle space. 2. Eat local and grow a garden. One great advantage to having a bit of property is the ability to grow your own food. If you have the space, there is little that tastes better than food you grew yourself. In most rural communities you will be able to find local farmers offering vegetables, meats and...

Affordable green prefab homes - contemporary rancher style - Abri 1850 BV
Architecture and plan design

Prefab Homes for Sale - Beautiful & Sustainable - Available Now Much more than just a beautiful face, designed from the outset to stringent LEED ® certification standards, and with the possibility of adapting to a Zero Energy Ready home, the Abri models are just one of many Architect designed green prefab eco homes in the growing range from Ecohabitation in Montreal. Crea...