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Frost in Attics: What causes Attic Ice? How to Fix it?
Roof assemblies - renovation

Why is there frost in my attic? Is ice in roofs a problem & How do I stop it?

...framing nail) while blind from the perspiration running into your eyes. This step will require removing insulation too, so personally - having "been there, done that", I leave this job to insulation professionals - but if you're up in the attic at night with lights on below, anywhere that light comes through, air wil...

Spray Foam Insulation - Is it Good or Toxic & Dangerous?
Insulation and soundproofing

Is spray foam insulation a good choice for your home? Or a toxic recipe for disaster?

...framing members with absolutely no consideration of the moisture levels of the wood. And what happens when wood dries? Well, it shrinks. And what happens if something solid is stuck to it isn’t flexible? Well, it cracks. We have no doubt that in the beginning when all the chemicals are off-gassing from the foam into ...

How to Vent Roofs - the Methods, Vent Types, Fans
Walls and Roofs

Why Roofs need to be ventilated and how to ventilate a roof properly

...framing”. This would be the case unless you drastically reduce the thickness of the cellulose and increase the amount of rigid insulation. So again, this is why we would either use only one type of insulation in an unvented roof, or better still just stick with vented. Is natural roof ventilation enough? Natural ...

Living green wall
Healthy indoor air quality

Living walls: what they do and don't do

...framing, and surface area of the wall as well as other site or custom project specific details. *** Ecohome's take on the topic of air purification - there is no question that plants absorb airborne contaminants, we are just unconvinced that a plant wall can have a noticeable impact on air quality in the context of...

Passive House in Quebec
Passive House

The Passive-Aggressive House - Our History of a Passivhaus Build

...framing” means , I called the person with whom we eventually built. Timber framing is how most Europeans built houses until the 1800s. Four or more heavy logs provided structural support at each corner of the house, and light walls were built between them. It fell out of fashion mostly because a new stud frame method...

BC Energy Step Code - Builder Design Guide &  Requirements explained
Building codes

The new BC energy step code: builder design guide & requirements explained - Vancouver

...framing techniques , enhanced mechanical systems like HRV or ERV systems and even material selection. Upper steps will be a bit more challenging without specific training or experience building better performing envelopes. EcoHome will be providing online BC Energy Step Code Contractor training in the near future, so s...

Poly vapour barriers in air conditioned houses can cause mold and rot
Healthy indoor air quality

Why you should Never Install Air-Con in a Home with a Vapor Barrier

...framing puts the paper surface of drywall at a severe risk of condensation in winter. The interior environment of homes has changed significantly in the last few decades and this places new challenges on wall assemblies. Building code has often failed to keep up with that. Vapor control measures that were originally ...

Slab-on-grade construction technical guide
Slab on Grade

Slab-on-grade technical guide

...framing can be done much cheaper with a slab-on-grade than a basement. With a slab, the same milestone is reached without having to build an 8-foot concrete wall, nor do you have to build a wooden subfloor on top. Comfort and efficiency: In the absence of 5 feet of dirt, a slab-on-grade in cold climate zones requir...

How to Build Homes & Protect Homes to Stop Wildfires
Concept and design

How to protect your home from fire - a burning need to know.

...framing. Use licensed installers for wood or gas-burning appliances. And consider the cost-benefit analysis on hardwired smoke detectors and sprinklers…although a CBA is silly when we’re talking about human lives, right? Yeah... maybe I sound paranoid about fire, but it's earned. A rather dramatic incident in my life...

How to choose Triple pane, high performance windows
Windows and doors

Our top tips for buying high-performance windows

...framing via the window frame. This can be best achieved by centering windows in the wall rather than having them flush to the outside as we most commonly see. Eliminating thermal bridges lowers the risk of condensation, which in turn ensures longer life for the product and smaller energy bills. • Consider also that i...

How to insulate basements properly
Insulation and soundproofing

Best practices for basement insulation in new home construction

...framing members at risk of rotting. Even with basements completely sealed at the exterior, wood will soak up all the available moisture in concrete. Capillary break between footing and foundation © Delta Capillary break: Footings are not protected from moisture at the bottom, the inclusion of ...