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Edible Perennials

A guide to growing edible perennials.

...forest gardening, taking in the general concepts of Permaculture can help tremendously. An edible forest can feature a number of natural layers. Fruit and nut bearing trees can create a canopy, dwarf trees shrubs and vines can create a natural under layer and be followed by low growing plants and ground cover. Plants...

FSC certified wood carries the FSC certification labels
Wood and organic materials

All about FSC certified lumber & wood products - Why FSC certification is important

...forestation, environmental degradation, and social exclusion within forestry around the globe, and so highlighted their aim to develop a responsible, credible and clear certification system to differentiate and promote managed forests and encourage responsibly produced wood products. This is how the FSC certification a...

Yukon's first LEED certified home
LEED Homes

The Yukon's First LEED Certified Home

...Forest Pearson was able to avoid the cost of installing a furnace and ductwork, instead opting for a modest amount of baseboard heaters - not our favorite as baseboard heaters can be noisy, but if fixed they can be a reasonable choice for zone heating . So the cost to build this home actually came in under market rates...

Lockeport Beach House
Real estate

Lockeport Beach House wins Canadian Green Building award

...forested sandbar on which this beach house lightly sits. Despite the dramatic location, the clients resisted the obvious urge to place the house next to the beach, being drawn instead to the internal, cozy character of the site. The house is elevated on helical piles, minimizing excavation, tree-clearing and sandbank...

Timber frame construction
Wood and organic materials

Wood frame construction

...forests. An increased use of wood also requires sustainable forest management practices. The Forest Stewardship Council certifies wood has been sustainably harvested , and recently outlined a new timber regulation established by the EU, who wish to ban illegally harvested timber, both imported and domestically produc...

Stairs made from reclaimed barn beams
Wood and organic materials

All about wood

...forestry practices, certification programs like FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certifies wood comes from a sustainably managed forest , so FSC labelled wood is always preferred. Where to buy wood: Wherever you live in Canada, there is without a doubt wood being harvested not too far away. If you want to ensure yo...

Bathroom with refinished claw foot tub and barn board trim in a home c
Materials and resources

Finding environmentally friendly materials

...Forest Stewardship Council) wood products, a major move to bring responsibly harvested products to the mainstream marketplace. Wood carrying the FSC logo has passed a 3rd party independent assesment, and has been harvested from a sustainably managed forest. But the most sustainable building materials you’ll find, a...

How to Build Homes & Protect Homes to Stop Wildfires
Concept and design

How to protect your home from fire - a burning need to know.

Let’s start by pointing out that this post is mostly about fire coming from outside of your home, like from a forest fire or grass fire or a house next door. It’s not about a fire starting when you forgot about the grilled cheese on the stove. But before we go outside your home, I want to make sure you have strategi...

MDF Formaldehyde Free Alternatives - Made from Rice Stalks
Healthy indoor air quality

The formaldehyde-free MDF non-toxic alternative made of natural rice-stalks

...Forest Products (see more) , who were one of the first investors in this project, to become the exclusive sales agent for these panels in Canada. Columbia Forest Products is the leading manufacturer of formaldehyde-free plywood and composite wood products in North America, and they already offer a wide range of eco-fri...

Concrete, wood and steel structures compared - Timber Frame wins!
Materials and resources

How wood structures compare to steel and concrete for Carbon Footprint

...forests! That point is legitimate. Indeed, a cut tree will no longer produce oxygen. This is where sustainable forest management is very important. Wood is an abundant and renewable resource, especially here in Canada, but it is important to know how to use it intelligently. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) sta...

LEED Homes

The 19 LEED for Homes Prerequisites

...Forest Stewardship Council) certified. 3.1 Construction waste management planning: Investigate and document local options for diversion (e.g. recycling, reuse) of all anticipated major constituents of the project waste stream, including cardboard packaging and household recyclables (e.g., food and beverage containe...