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How Much do Sustainable Green Kitchen Countertops Cost?

Pricing green kitchen countertops - there's never been a bigger choice of sustainable kitchen counters

...counters will periodically need to be re-sealed for protection; be sure to use a non-toxic food-safe oil. Beeswax is another nice natural option. Concrete...

Are Laminate Countertops Good for Sustainable Green Counters in Homes?

Are laminate countertops good for a sustainable green home? counters is Formica , who have certified all their counters to GreenGuard Gold standard. Gold is the highest rating, indicating the lowest amount of tox...

Disposing of old batteries

Waste management: compost and recycling waste: If you are designing or remodelling a kitchen, plan in advance how you will sort your compost and recycle bins. Some kitchen design companies o...

Non-toxic, naturally-dyed Easter eggs
Lifestyle and environment

DIY non-toxic & all natural Easter egg dye. dyes and artificial colourings are far from benign. According to a 2010 study conducted by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Food Dyes: A Rain...

Non-toxic food safe wood finishing oil for counters, floors, decks and toys
Healthy indoor air quality

Naturally made non-toxic wood finishing oil, so it is a great choice for sealing cutting boards or butcher-block counters , not to mention children’s toys - despite being inedible, they usually end u...

Laminate Kitchen countertops can be beautiful & green too - Counter by Formica

Choosing green kitchen countertops for sustainable homes Including LEED v4 & Passive House PHIUS+ certified counters Yeah, we know that’s a hard one to figure at first; paper is not something you think of when looking for durable kitchen counters, but it wor...