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Better Basement Design on basement walls prevents mold and midlew
Healthy indoor air quality

Basement renovations: How to prevent mold when finishing basements

...floor. Most older basements have very limited head room and owners are often reluctant to lower it even more by adding insulation to the floor. It also allows for the addition of a radon evacuation stack, which is the perforated tube and T-junction in this image. By removing the concrete floor and maybe some of the d...

Naugler House: the most energy efficient Passive House design in New Brunswick
Efficient home design

New Brunswick's most energy efficient home is Passive House designed

...finish for additional thermal mass. FPSF Frost Protected Shallow Foundation Perimeter skirt insulation detail Above grade Passive House wall assembly: Locally-milled eastern white cedar clapboard siding and stained white cedar trim. Strapping for a 1.5’’ rainscreen 16’’ Larsen truss wa...

Solar Air Heating Panels for Homes - How to Build DIY
Solar thermal collectors

All about solar air heaters - DIY or purchased

...finish it would be worth it to paint it matt black. Home performance: How much heat a house needs to keep occupants warm is determined by how much it loses. A solar heater will provide a greater percentage of the required heat in a home if that heat demand is lower, so how well insulated and airtight a house is will ...

Building Green Homes on a Budget is Possible - Our top tips
Planning and Design

Top tips for planning and building a green home on a budget

...floor finishes , for example). These should be a later consideration after the basics of the homes structure, external finishes and it's performance are decided upon. 2. Find a suitable building lot for a green home Finding the right building lot when building a new sustainable home is such a key element and yet of...