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smart sewage backup device
Plumbing and water heaters

Sewage backup flood prevention and water leak notification on your device - our products of the month

...flooding from appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and water heaters. As soon as a water leak occurs, the detector relays the signal to the contro...

Flooded streets impervious surfaces - Calgary Alberta
Rainwater Collection & Watering

Rainwater management and water-permeable surfaces

...flooding. We know many coastal cities are already at risk of flooding due to rising sea levels and increased storm surges; obviously this is made much worse i...

As our climate adapts to human carbon emissions, homes have to change
Lifestyle and environment

Changing homes in a changing climate

...flooding of basements. Backups often happen when there is excessive rain or flooding, as the sewers become overloaded. After the 2005 floods, the city of Toro...

Choosing a home and neighbourhood
Real estate

Shopping for a home? Some tips for finding the right house and neighbourhood

...flooding Stay away from flood plains Backyard privacy and greenery Sun exposure: For interior quality of life, also for a garden if that's your thing. C...

Real estate

Evaluating a home before purchase: how to recognize value and potential problems

...flooding. What type of siding does it have and does it look like it's in good shape? Bricks won't change much over time but can be refinished if needed , but ...

Real estate

Real estate

...flooding Stay away from flood plains Backyard privacy and greenery Sun exposure: for interior quality of life, also for a garden if that's your thing. C...

MDF Formaldehyde Free Alternatives - Made from Rice Stalks
Healthy indoor air quality

The formaldehyde-free MDF non-toxic alternative made of natural rice-stalks

...flooding, they are often burned, resulting in the release of 13 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per hectare, and air pollution in the form of fine particles, carbo...

Ecohome's Kenogami House 'The Most Resilient Home in North America'
Concept and design

Resilient design features for new home construction

...flooding, extreme humidity, heat or drought, tornadoes, hurricanes and storm surges. Avoid the most troublesome areas if possible, then if you can, build to w...

Insulating crawlspaces as part of home renovation
Crawl spaces

How to insulate crawlspaces properly as part of renovating an older home

...flooding in the past, that does not mean you will never have it in the future. We’ve never heard anyone say they regretted installing a sump pump. Remove any ...

Free Energy Audits, Net Zero Home Grants & Interest Free Home Renovation Loans
Grants and incentives

0% loans & Grants for Green Home Renovations & Construction - A Boost for Canadians in 2020

...flooding, including potential relocation. What renovations add value to a home? A Home Energy Audit will identify the improvements needed to best reduce y...

Choosing a building lot

Things to look for when purchasing land for building a house

...flooding; it is also best to position the house and septic system so that waste water can be gravity-drained instead of being pumped to the septic bed. Worthy...