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Why basements flood and how to prevent that with a sump pump
Basements improvements

Why Basements Flood & How to Prevent Flooded Basements

...flood and how to prevent basement flooding including installing sump pumps and sump pump battery backups - Find more pages about home durability and how to build basements so they won't flood or develop mold in these pages : Why are basements moldy? How to fix & prevent mold in homes Preventing mold when ...

Smart sewage backup device
Plumbing and water heaters

Sewage backup flood prevention and water leak notification on your device - our products of the month

...flood-prevention product called the NOWA 360® that detects flooding from appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and water heaters. As soon as a water leak occurs, the detector relays the signal to the control unit, and in less than one second, the control unit triggers the closing of an electronic valve ins...

Lifestyle and environment

Emergency preparedness guide for homes

...flood prevention: Sump pump battery backup: Most newly build homes with basements have sump pumps, but they require power to operate. And, the most likely time you will lose power is during a heavy storm, the very time you will most need a sump pump. Battery backups aren’t very expensive, particularly when you consid...

As our climate adapts to human carbon emissions, homes have to change
Lifestyle and environment

Changing homes in a changing climate

...flooding of basements. Backups often happen when there is excessive rain or flooding, as the sewers become overloaded. After the 2005 floods, the city of Toronto made the inclusion of sewer check valves on new homes mandatory. Now with flooding this year in Brampton and Mississauga, those areas are considering the sa...

Resilient home construction - Kenogami House of the Year
Efficient home design

"The Most Resilient House in North America"

...Flood of July 1996, which was Canada’s first billion-dollar natural disaster; and then the January 1998 ice storm that affected 5 million Canadians (17% of the country) and left more than a million without power for days or weeks and caused $2.5 billion in damages—breaking the natural disaster price tag record set by t...

Flooded streets impervious surfaces - Calgary Alberta
Rainwater Collection & Watering

Rainwater management and water-permeable surfaces

...flood risk for cities along the coast and even inland cities with water ways that are prone to flooding. We know many coastal cities are already at risk of flooding due to rising sea levels and increased storm surges; obviously this is made much worse if such a city is dropping at the same time. And the numbers are m...

Which Houseplants are Best to Clean Air & Remove Toxins?
Healthy indoor air quality

Which houseplants are best for purifying air? Ecohome investigates

...flood bedrooms with oxygen & promote sleep - or do they? Will a snake plant in the bedroom provide me with oxygen? If you are an aphid sitting on a leaf, yeah probably a bit , but for our human readers - a bedroom fresh air vent may be a better bet as it should be fed about 10-20 CFMs of fresh air. But put one in the...

Hawaii Preparatory Academy Energy Laboratory
Living Building Challenge

What is the Living Building Challenge?

...flood plain The project team must document conditions prior to the start of work. On-site landscape may only include native and/or naturalized species planted in such a way that emulates density and biodiversity of indigenous ecosystems and supports succession. 2) Urban agriculture: The project must integrate...

Choosing a home and neighbourhood
Real estate

Shopping for a home? Some tips for finding the right house and neighbourhood

...flooding Stay away from flood plains Backyard privacy and greenery Sun exposure: For interior quality of life, also for a garden if that's your thing. Community: Do you like the neighbours and community? Is it kid friendly? (this is good to know, even if you hate kids) How to recognize a valuable home: ...

Future proof your home by preparing and building to for climate change
Planning and Design

Homes built for Climate Disruptions: A Primer for Home Owners and Buyers

...flood zone? Is there a history of flooding in your neighborhood? Consider this the best way to avoid basement flooding - to not buy or build in a flood zone! If you own a home or are considering buying one in an area of higher flood risk, talk to your insurance agent to make sure you’re covered for overland flooding....

Real estate

Real estate

...flooding Stay away from flood plains Backyard privacy and greenery Sun exposure: for interior quality of life, also for a garden if that's your thing. Community: do you like the neighbours and the area? Is it a kid friendly neighbourhood? (this is good to know whether you like kids or not) How to recogniz...