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Grants and incentives

Green building financial incentives

...house that has been Novoclimat-certified and built entirely on site by a Novoclimat-certified contractor $2,000 for a pre-fabricated home assembled entirely by a Novoclimat-certified contractor. The house can receive Novoclimat certification if the contractor provides a turnkey service; $1,500 for a pre-fabricated ...

Crawl Spaces or Slab on Grade Foundations?
Crawl spaces

Should I Build on a Slab on Grade Foundation or a Crawl Space?

...house on expansive clay soil, and by building a raft slab we saved money by not requiring any soil remediation. Read more about our Wakefield house solar air heated slab floor here . What’s cheaper to build – a slab on grade or crawlspace? A slab is cheaper . A crawl space is like building a mini (and dysfunctional...

Condensation on windows leads to mold & mildew in homes, ERV & HRV systems help

Ventilation & air exchangers

...houses are too airtight', but this myth is completely false and very damaging to your home. Walls need to be able to dry, ideally in both directions. Natural air flow: If you hold a door open a crack in winter, natural convection will draw air in at the bottom, and force it out at the top. Your home will behave i...

Slab-on-grade construction technical guide
Slab on Grade

Slab-on-grade technical guide

...house or a basement. Despite their disadvantages, basements are often very practical since they provide a significant amount of storage space. Without a basement, everything that would have been down there must fit into the rest of the house or in the garage or shed. Basements usually house mechanical rooms. Keep t...

Smart homes: Remotely control and monitor your energy consumption
Efficient home design

Smart homes: efficiency, comfort & convenience at our fingertips

...flexible energy pricing, all with one touch on your portable device. From a home durability perspective, there are sensors and devices that can send you a notification that a water leak has occurred, and that the system has shut the water off to prevent further damage. Even Captain Jean-Luc Picard would be impressed ...

Jenine Alexander's homemade mobile tiny house
Tiny house

DIY Tiny House for less than $3,500

...House. Since first building this sweet little home on wheels, she has actually completed two more. If you're interested in DIY Tiny House projects, be sure to check out her blog where she writes about small house building projects and low-impact living - and if thinking of buying a Tiny House on wheels for sale locally...

Choosing a building envelope
Wall assemblies - new construction

Choosing a building envelope - starting with the perfect wall

...house gas emissions, we recommend limiting its use above grade, as dollar for dollar you can get much better performance for your money with other wall systems. That said, an ICF house built on rock could easily be standing for centuries or a millenium, so there is an argument to be made about its full lifecycle, whi...

Gabion walls can be used for building homes
Concrete and masonry

Gabion Walls - what is a gabion cage & how to build with them?

...House The ZEB Pilot house in Norway is a good example incorporating gabion stone cages in home design where they are used to build both interior and exterior walls. This single-family, demonstration house is the result of a collaboration between the architectural and design firm Snohetta and Scandinavia's largest r...

Affordable green prefab homes - contemporary rancher style - Abri 1850 BV
Architecture and plan design

Prefab Homes for Sale - Beautiful & Sustainable - Available Now

...house style loft space prefab eco home , which doesn't have an enclosed bedroom but is designed as a flexible living space with Murphy bed. Ideal as a cabin for 2, an ADU or a very comfortable prefab home office. If looking for a Tiny Home on wheels for sale - read this first Worth noting that the bonus solariums a...

Tiny Tack House living room
Tiny house

The tiny house movement: Tiny Tack House

...House is a tidy and efficient design. You may or may not be interested in joining the Tiny House Movement yourself, but either way, this home will certainly make you think twice about how much space you actually need. To read more about this visit the Tiny House blog or visit their blog, Tiny Tack House , where if yo...

Step by step guide for slab-on-grade home construction
Slab on Grade

Slab-on-grade construction: the ecoHOME A to Z Slab building guide

...house where there will be footings. Depths, widths and backfill specifications will be provided by engineers. See our page on raft slabs as an alternative to a thickened edge slab on grade foundation . Notes for excavating a Slab on Grade foundation: 1) When beginning with a rubble trench for the load bearing par...