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Sustainably built Prefabricated Tiny houses from FabCab
Tiny house

Tiny Houses: The FabCab prefabricated building WA

...Energy efficiency: Plumbing lines can be roughed-in for optional solar water heater to be used with the radiant floor heating system. Healthy indoor air quality: Low VOC paints and finishes are used throughout the cabins. Water efficiency: Water efficient plumbing fixtures Optional cisterns can catch and store ra...

The Affordable Architect-Designed Modern Green prefab 2 Bed kit home
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

Le Refuge - An Architect-Designed modern Green prefab 2 bed kit home, healthy indoor air quality and the use of sustainable building materials, which also means that it can be specified and supplied as Novoclimat or Zero Net Energy Ready too. (If you're in a warm climate, take a look at these shipping container homes for inspiration instead.) Le Refuge - design, prac...

How to fix noisy baseboard heaters
Heating and cooling

Fixing noisy baseboard heaters, How to stop that clicking easily ! efficiency and how to reduce the carbon footprint of homes on the following pages and in the EcoHome Green Building Guide . Home Heating - How to Design a Home for Thermal Comfort and Efficiency Electric Home Heating - Which Types are Best? Best Energy Saving Tips for Green Homes - 10 Tips ...

Building Climate Zones USA & Canada Maps Help with Specification of Homes
Planning and Design

Climate Zones in USA & Canada for Building Homes, health and safety. To explain – first, the structure must meet regional code requirements for snow loads or wind loads if there are any, which are primarily based on the climate zone. Homes also need sufficient insulation of the best type and be correctly proportioned for energy-efficiency , whethe...

Detergent-free eco friendly Laundry balls
Cleaning and maintenance

Do Laundry balls work?

...efficiency front-loading machines, but cannot be used in any machine that combines the wash and dry cycle. And they’re suitable for all types of fabrics, even delicate fabrics like silk and wool. The manufacturer recommends washing in cold water (hot water could damage the ball) and states that no additional laundry ...

Smart homes: Remotely control and monitor your energy consumption
Efficient home design

Smart homes: efficiency, comfort & convenience at our fingertips efficiency efforts, LEED® Version 4 awards 2 points for monitoring energy and water consumption in real time. The points can be obtained through a monitor that tracks the consumption remotely. Smart home monitors available in Canada/USA: Blue Line Innovations Power Cost Monitor Eyedro Home Electricity Mo...

High efficiency wood stoves
Wood stove and biomass heat

Heating with wood and biomass fuel reserves being somewhat questionable for the coming generation, and as people rediscover the charm of a real fire in the hearth, many people are looking for ways to be less reliant on conventional energy supplies in the future and to look for an off-grid heating solution . Burning firewood and other biomass fuel...

Affordable Modern Prefab Eco Homes Available - The S1600
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

The S1600 - affordable modern prefab eco homes for families efficiency that it is Passive House and LEED ready, meaning that when other prerequisite conditions are met, the energy performance of the building envelope meets the stringent requirements needed to achieve LEED V4 Platinum or Passive House certification . This also means it could also be specified as one of ou...

Gas powered tankless water heaters
Plumbing and water heaters

Are tankless water heaters good?

...ENERGY STAR gas-fired instantaneous water heaters. The applicable incentive is $250 for a standard model, and $550 for a condensing gas storage model. In summary – The advantages of tankless water heaters : compact (no need to plan for the space that a tank would occupy); little energy loss; zero energy con...

How much is Too Much Insulation in my Attic or Walls?
Insulation and soundproofing

How much insulation is too much in attics and walls? modelling and make key decisions based on balancing performance. Homeowners, when having a home built or when renovating, need to decide what is most important to them – home size, decor and staying on budget, or energy efficiency, long term investment and the embodied carbon footprint. How much insulation is ...

ProductiveHouse in Montreal
Choosing where to live

Green living in the city

...efficiency. It isn’t necessary to embark on an expensive remodeling project, you can gradually and affordably reduce the energy needed to run your home. Improving the seal of windows and doors , replacing old inefficient doors and windows, install electronic thermostats and dimmer switches, install water-reducing and...