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The EC3 Tool - Skanska - Calculating & Comparing Carbon Footprint of Buildings
Planning and Design

Calculating the Carbon Footprint of Buildings, Introducing The EC3 Calculator From Skanska

...embodied carbon in building materials. How to calculate & compare the embodied carbon in building materials? The introduction of the free, open-access Embod...

Concrete, wood and steel structures compared - Timber Frame wins!
Materials and resources

How wood structures compare to steel and concrete for Carbon Footprint

...embodied energy of materials, also referred to as Embodied Carbon and Carbon Footprint. Manufacturers have different methods to mitigate these impacts, and al...

Natural Building Insulation Made of Grass - Eco-friendly, Green
Insulation and soundproofing

Non-toxic natural building insulation made of grass

...embodied energy of buildings is finally gaining the attention it deserves; an example is the release of the EC3 Calculator for calculating the carbon footprint ...

Built to ENDURE: the Net Zero Heat Kenogami House
Efficient home design

The Kenogami House: designed to ENDURE

...embodied energy of the materials that make up its components. The embodied energy of a material comprises all the energy required for extraction, transportation...

Hawaii Preparatory Academy Energy Laboratory
Living Building Challenge

What is the Living Building Challenge?

...Embodied carbon footprint: The project must account for the total footprint of embodied carbon (tCO2e) from its construction through a one-time carbon offset ...

Metal roof with solar panels
Roof coverings

How to choose roofing materials

...embodied energy, rarely if ever recycled, they deteriorate rapidly with UV rays, emit solvents into the air when exposed to sunlight, and because they are usual...

Zero Carbon Building
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

CaGBC's Zero Carbon Buildings Initiative explained

...embodied carbon within construction materials and furnishings. The two programs are very complementary. LEED addresses a range of important issues, and touche...

Shipping container home
Architecture and plan design

Are shipping container houses environmentally friendly?

...embodied energy of metal is far worse than that of wood. From a green building material standpoint, materials should be used in their most sensible manner, me...

Rendering of the Ecohome demonstration house
Efficient home design

Ecohome Demo House: High performance, affordable cost

...embodied energy of building materials. For our building envelope we will use Roxul mineral wool insulation, which has a high embodied energy but superior dura...

Bathroom with refinished claw foot tub and barn board trim in a home c
Materials and resources

Finding environmentally friendly materials

...embodied energy (meaning energy spent to extract and produce it), however, there are no health effects for home occupants. A metal roof is extremely durable, ha...

Siding Choices - Board and batten siding
Exterior cladding

Choosing the right exterior siding for fitting, cost comparisons & appearance

...embodied energy throughout the extraction and production process. Moreover, it is not easy to install. Cost of brick wall finishes: Very expensive - "If you h...