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BC Energy Step Code - Builder Design Guide &  Requirements explained
Building codes

The new BC energy step code: builder design guide & requirements explained - Vancouver

...efficiency’. See? Nothing to get freaked out about, at least not yet... The Upper Steps will require builders and designers to adopt a more integrated approach to building design and it may take some bigger changes in building design, better wall framing techniques , enhanced mechanical systems like HRV or ERV system...

Wildfire Smoke & How to Keep it Outside Homes
Healthy indoor air quality

How to keep wildfire smoke out of Green Homes with mechanical ventilation systems?

...efficiency; indoor air leaks waste cooling power during summer and heating power during winter - which is why using HRV and ERV systems is recommended to reduce energy loss whilst ventilating homes. When there are wildfires in the area though causing a smoky atmosphere, an airtight envelope also helps prevent the infil...

The Best 10 Energy Saving Tips for Green Homes - EcoHome
Wall assemblies - renovation

Green home improvements: an energy-saving pyramid scheme that actually works!

...efficiency does not have to equate to a complete overhaul or expensive reno. Do what you can when you can, and if the first steps you take are the easy ones that pay you back the quickest, you end up with more money in your pocket to take on the bigger projects later on. The best tips for Energy efficiency upgrades...

HEPA filters & SMART Air Filters catch airborne dust, pollen, allergens, viruses
Healthy indoor air quality

Buying guide for home air filters in furnaces - HEPA, SMART or Regular?

...efficiency filter is all of a sudden looking like a good choice until we can quickly and accurately test for coronaviruses and bacterial pathogens at home . So air filters clean indoor air of viruses too? Yes, high quality air filters with an appropriate MERV or MPR rating can prevent contaminants in outdoor air fr...

Solar panels power the Kenogami House in Saguenay, Quebec
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

The Kenogami House: Energy systems in Net Zero Energy Home Design

...efficiency building envelope of the Net Zero designed Kenogami House is so well-insulated that should the heating system ever completely fail, the house would never fall below freezing. If weather conspired to provide the most brutal cold spell combined with an extended lack of sunlight, it would drop no lower than 10°...

Mixed interior room lighting

Home lighting design

...efficiency compared to incandescent bulbs is substantial, it’s hard to ignore the health risks. If you are using them, try to keep them in areas where they aren’t likely to be broken. If you do break one, open some windows and change the air in the room immediately. Some people have reported health effects from bei...

Zero Carbon Homes - The S1600 Prefab Eco Home is affordably Close
Planning and Design

Zero Carbon Homes - The S1600 Prefab Eco Home gets affordably Close

...efficiency and overall sustainability . This building trend has resulted in marginally lower emissions from the built environment, which is encouraging. However, the missing element, or the elephant in the room, is the omission of the variable in the equation that is the embodied energy of building materials. Given t...

Wood frame Triple-glazed, argon-filled windows in the Ecohome Demo House
Windows and doors

Choosing windows - which window frame? wood v aluminum v vinyl

...efficiency. Their handy opening systems ensure effective ventilation and ease of care. With aluminum and wood blending, these windows offered a variety of arrangements possiblities and a wide selection of colors for exterior cladding which reduce maintenance. What do I need to know about windows? The energy efficie...

Rain barrels for storm water management and rainwater harvesting
Rainwater Collection & Watering

Introduction to rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is a great strategy for reducing domestic water use and protecting our homes and the land surrounding it. Harvesting rainwater can lead us to dozens of other practices that bring us into greater sustainability. The three potential sources for harvesting rainwater: Direct rainfall, street harve...

What is a Free Home Energy Audit Canada?
Grants and incentives

Free home energy audits in Canada

What is the free home energy audit? An energy audit is a home inspection that calculates the total energy consumption of your house , including all electricity and fossil fuels for lighting, appliances, heating and cooling, and apparently Canadians are going to soon be eligible for free home energy audits, net zero ...

The high performance almost ZNE Warburg house by bioi - built for under $100,00
Efficient home design

A High Performance Home on a Shoe String Budget (Almost ZNE!)

On a wooded Canadian farmstead in rural Alberta, the new house replaced an old home that was no longer able to fulfill its function. The architectural concept for the new home was simple: open, flexible, efficient (almost Zero Net Energy), and for an economical budget - not everyone can manage to build affordable net ...