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Green cleaning products
Healthy indoor air quality

6 easy steps to detoxify your home

1.) Leave cleaning solvents and bleach behind. The smell of disinfectants that we have been conditioned to think of as 'clean' are anything but. Along with being harmful to the environment in production and use, chemicals like chlorine bleach evaporate into the air in your home. Why not try the following non-toxic alt...

DIY Natural Earth Pigment Paint, Making it at Home is Easy
Healthy indoor air quality

DIY recipe for natural healthy paint

Making Eco-friendly paint at home is easy when you know how If you want to decorate your home with healthy No VOC paints and finishes, you're in the right place! If you’ve ever stepped inside a natural building or a home with natural paints or plasters, you can tell instantly. Natural earth pigment colors and textur...

Building science for LEED v4 wall design made easy
Concept and design

Building science for LEED v4 wall design made easy - video

LEED Platinum V4 Wall Design: Building Science The wall we designed for the Edelweiss house, Canada's first LEED Platinum V4 Home is best categorized as a 'REMOTE' wall, a high performance building envelope developed by the Cold Climate Housing Research Centre in Alaska. REMOTE stands for 'Residential Exterior M...

Lasagna Gardening - How to Build an Easy Vegetable Garden
Food production

Lasagna gardening - the easiest vegetable garden at home?

...easy to do by following the simple instructions below Lasagna gardening gives quick results - prepare a bed in the early spring and have fresh vegetables all summer Secondly, the cons of lasagna gardening: The carbon sources in Lasagna gardening can be controversial - recyclable paper and cardboard might not ...

Smart Door Lock Buying Guide - Easy DIY Project
Mechanical systems

Smart door lock buying guide

...easy to install , and after downloading an app onto your phone you are ready to go. Bluetooth smart locks operate on a low-power frequency and only connect to your phone occasionally, so they are the most energy-efficient when considering battery life. Bluetooth smart lock batteries may not need to changed for up to ...

The Pros & Cons of Lasagna Gardening for Growing Food
Food production

Lasagna Gardening: the pros & cons of a lasagna garden

...easy gardening technique, there is a lot to consider regarding lasagna gardening that specifically relates to its many benefits and ease of application. One of the main ‘pros’ of lasagna gardening is that it can be an easy way to smother out weeds and grass while enhancing soil over time, which is an ideal alternative ...

Lifestyle, location and commuting

Home-buying tips for seniors looking to downsize

...easy to see and display them on tables with your most valuable items front and center. The yard sale will give you some extra cash, and it can save some space in a landfill because you’re selling your items instead of putting them by the curb. Keep in mind that you can donate remaining unsold items; many organizations ...

White pine floors finished with Rubio Monocoat, a zero VOC durable oil
Flooring and stairs

Sanding your own wood floors

...easy. The paper sticks to the pad, you then just drop it on the floor (yes that's right, paper side down) then sit the sander on the pad which will stay simply due to friction and the weight of the machine. Old sanding pads can be cut up and re-purposed into excellent floor scrubbers. Square vibrating sanders are t...

Hydraloop gray water recovery and treatment systems
Greywater Recycling

At last, a compact & easy to maintain solution for gray water recycling & treatment - the Hydraloop

At last, a packaged solution for gray water treatment & recycling - the Hydraloop Reducing home water consumption is an increasingly important issue, as the world is already facing a global water shortage crisis. We don’t think much about it in Canada & America because most of us have yet to suffer the extreme impac...

Growing Food Indoors, Vegetables for Homes & Apartments
Food production

Food & Greens can be grown easily indoors - here's how!

...easy they are to grow, you’re going to want a whole farm. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But if you’ve never grown anything except green fur on a Chia Pet then this is definitely the place to start. With some very basic equipment and the right seeds, everyone can enjoy fresh food grown at home Sprouts will...

Solar Air Heating Panels for Homes - How to Build DIY
Solar thermal collectors

All about solar air heaters - DIY or purchased

...easy 16 hours at times with no heat input. And shorter days in winter means that they generate the least amount of heat when you need it most - though this can be mitigated by south facing wall mounting. In all but the most heavily insulated homes in more gentle climates, with thermal mass included for heat storage, yo...