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Building science for LEED v4 wall design made easy
Concept and design

Building science for LEED v4 wall design made easy - video

...construction costs are offset by greatly reduced operating costs. In our next post we will outline the reasoning behind this wall design, associated monthly costs, and the concept of the 'sweet spot', which is the optimum level of insulation for a home , proper orientation, and designing for your local climate. There...

Grants and incentives

Green building financial incentives

...construction practices. Whether you are buying and renovating, or undertaking a new building project, first speak with your bank and find out what funds you have available. Your options include a mortgage, which is a lump sum of funds, or a secured credit line where you have access to a set amount of funds and only p...

Basement Design for walls prevents mold & midlew when renovating & finishing
Healthy indoor air quality

Basement renovations: How to prevent mold when finishing basements

...construction, Professor John Straube of the University of Waterloo dubbed this typical type of wall assembly a "mold incubation chamber". For further convincing on the topic, read 'Built wrong from the start' by Joseph Lstiburek of the Building Science Corporation. Better basement insulation techniques: The materia...

Earth day celebrations for 50th Anniversary
Lifestyle and environment

50th anniversary Earth day 2020 taking place online

...durable. While confined, we will eventually run out of drawers and closets to clean, so think big! Touchless home technologies – these can reduce the spread of viruses while adding convenience, security, and often amount to energy savings as well. Home improvement project with kids - teach your kids life valuable s...

Pallet beds are trending but pallets can be toxic so be careful
Recycled and Reclaimed Materials

Is it safe to build beds or furniture with shipping pallets?

...construction waste Where to buy and sell used building materials online Find more about green home construction in the Ecohome Green Building Guide pages - also, learn more about the benefits of a free Ecohome Network Membership here .

How radiant floors work
Delivery: radiant, forced-air and decentralized

How to design for thermal comfort in a home

...durable house are much the same as those of a truly comfortable house - high R-value building envelope, no thermal bridging, sealed against air leaks, triple-paned windows, humidity control and properly designed heating, cooling and ventilation equipment , to name a few. Thermal comfort = efficiency and durability: ...

How to Insulate Exterior Walls from the Outside US Canada Ecohome
Walls and Roofs

The easiest way to insulate walls from the exterior in older homes

...Durable, healthy and sustainable homes need careful research and planning - as changing one element without considering how this changes the dynamics of the building envelope is a potential recipe for disaster. The best pre-emptive strike against the possibility of a nightmare exterior wall renovation and insulation ...

Tesla Solar Roof Cost Comparison, Competitors & Reviews
Solar photovoltaic

Are Tesla solar roofs worth the money? Are there any competitors? Our take on the future of BIPV

...durable, longer life… see where this is going? Mass-market, that's where... Tesla has been around long enough now for a pattern of behavior to emerge, and the solar roof seems no different. To use the Tesla EVs as an example; rather than first releasing a low-priced electric commuter vehicle, Tesla released the sleek...

Ecohome's passively heated Edelweiss House
Efficient home design

Are better insulated homes worth the money?

...durable and less efficient house if it's actually going to cost you more? Purely speculation on my part, but I think we assume that if it made THAT much sense then it would be the norm throughout the industry. Well, it does make that much sense - just not for large scale developers as they would have to eat the added...

Thermal image showing where home heat loss is occurring.
Insulation and soundproofing

How insulation works

...durable it will be. The transfer of heat (or heat loss) occurs in 3 ways: conduction , convection and radiation . Within a home those 3 factors can impact each other and in effect work in conjunction, most often against you. CONVECTION refers to the transfer of heat due to the movement of air. It can be caused by w...

Suzlon's LEED Platinum wind power living laboratory in India
Lifestyle and environment

Green Building is accelerating around the world

...Construction , United Technologies Natural Leadership , World Green Building Council , and USGBC . About the authors: Harvey M. Bernstein has been a leader in the engineering and construction industry for over 30 years. Currently, he has lead responsibilities for McGraw-Hill Construction’s (MHC) market research gro...