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Smart Door Lock Buying Guide - Easy DIY Project
Mechanical systems

Smart door lock buying guide

...doorbell with camera For the ultimate front door control, team your smart door lock with a smart doorbell with camera and siren. I've got this one teamed up with my Alexa home hub, so I can check who's calling and open the door remotely with complete ease. Compare smart doorbells with cameras here - the perfect c...

Blower Door Tests - What's the Cost & Who Does Them?
Air and vapour barriers

What is a blower door test? What's the cost? How do you find a company to do one?

...door test? There is no DIY blower door YouTube video to watch; you will need to hire a professional to do it. It starts with all the windows and doors being properly closed, at which point your home is depressurized using a large fan built into a shield that is placed in one open doorway. This powerful exhaust fan dr...

Top Tips for Getting a House Ready for Winter
Wall assemblies - renovation

Winter preparation for your home - are you ready for the cold?

...doors from freezing properly (this would also alleaviate the problem of frozen door locks that is covered below). It's important to keep your HRV or ERV maintained and operating efficiently . How to stop door locks freezing? Airtight homes are great for keeping heat in, but that leaves all the indoor air pressure a...

Smart Homes, Technology & UV can Help Reduce COVID-19
Cleaning and maintenance

Keep homes cleaner & safer with smart home features & UV light

...door locks Smart door locks are deadbolt front door locks that can be operated in a number of ways - either with a smartphone, a fingerprint reader, passcodes and combinations, or with voice command to Alexa or google phone to activate smart door locks. Everyone has probably at some point locked themselves out of t...

custom kitchen renovation by River Woodworks

Formaldehyde-Free Green Kitchen cabinetry for a Non-toxic Home - Price Comparisons

...door unit with two sliding shelves inside 1 @ 8” deep pantry with two doors (depth of which the client loves) 2 @ 60”wide x 40” high, 3 door upper units with 30’ angled side panels 2 single-door upper units, 20”wide by 40” high 1 @ double-door unit above stove, 30” wide x 20” high 1 @ full depth double-door u...

The Fun Box
Tiny house

The Fun Box! Solar, wind and human powered luxury living

...door. The Fun Box offers indoor and outdoor living space © Le Vertendre A huge bay window gives you an incomparable view of the surrounding nature, which can also be enjoyed from the large bath on wheels rolled out on the terrace. It comes equipped with an entertainment system, pedal away on t...

building with recycled shipping pallets
Recycled and Reclaimed Materials

Building with recycled shipping pallets

...door openings, this structure is the ultimate play space for children and adults alike. Recycled wood pallets were chosen as the primary material for this feature garden as they were a commonly available material that everyone would recognize but be surprised to see employed in such an aesthetically pleasing, fun and...

LEED Homes

Getting Started

...door test , where your home is depressurized to test for air leaks. This gives your building team the opportunity to find and repair any problem areas. A minimum performance level is required for certification. 4) Once inspections are completed, the provider files the necessary paperwork with the CaGBC which includes...

Air and vapour barriers

Aerobarrier home and attic air-sealing spray

...door testing equipment, a house is pressurized to between 50 and 100 Pascals. Aerosol nozzles are placed through the home which then spray Aerobarrier water-based liquid acrylic sealant. The elastic particles in Aerobarrier are non-toxic and low in VOCs; they also carry GreenGuard Gold & UL181 certifications. As the ...

Wood frame Triple-glazed, argon-filled windows in the Ecohome Demo House
Windows and doors

Choosing windows - which window frame? wood v aluminum v vinyl

...door for the best performance. Since doors see a lot of use, take a quick look at the seals occasionally to make sure they are still doing their job. Additional protection can be had by installing a storm door, which protects your primary door from direct exposure to the elements. This can actually reduce heat loss b...

Ontario climate change action plan
Grants and incentives

Ontario announces ambitious climate change action plan to reduce emissions

...door tests to measure air leakage will be part of home energy rating © Ecohome Grants for homeowners to invest in solar and geothermal systems Financial incentives for the purchase of energy efficient houses Establishing a mandatory energy rating for homes (fear not homeowners, inspection budgets will be...