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Kitchen and Bathroom design tips

Design ideas for durable kitchens and bathrooms

...designing these rooms so they consume less, last longer, and help us maintain healthier homes. Durable water resistant surfaces will prevent damage and prevent mold spores from forming and affecting indoor air quality . © Ecohome Melamine, typically on particle board, can be high in VOCs and formaldehyde . ...

Mixed interior room lighting

Home lighting design features to consider Be aware of the blinding effect of direct bulbs when shopping for fixtures and designing their placement. Direct cool light in kitchens is quite practical, and consider warmer soft light in living areas, with reading lamps. Strategically placed lights can reduce the need fo...

Green Home Design - What makes a city livable
Choosing where to live

What makes a green home livable to you?

...Design from the inside out and outside in and extend living spaces to the outdoors. Provide access to nature with green, usable outdoor living, dining or play spaces, personal – even edible – gardens, or a simple sunny perch. When designing sustainable green homes , let’s make the most of our smaller spaces and desig...

Passive solar heating & cooling in Homes has a long history in USA
Passive solar home design

Passive house and passive solar - free heat for homes And it can costs you absolutely nothing. So don't be intimidated or dissuaded by the implied requirements of rating systems; passive home design dates back thousands of years and can be applied to pretty much any building, making that building better. See more about Passive Solar House Design here , to read...

Green homes climate change
Lifestyle and environment

Green buildings are better situated to handle climate extremes

...designed for a specific range of conditions, such as peak temperature, storm surge and average precipitation. Climate change has the potential to undermine some of these assumptions and potentially increase risks to people and property. Fortunately, there are practical steps we can take to understand and prepare for th...

Net Zero Homes - Canada's first certified Net Zero House in BC
Green building certifications

The first Net Zero-labelled homes in Canada reliable, high performance building assemblies. First Net Zero labelled Homes in Canada The first home in Canada to receive the CHBA’s Net Zero label is located in Saanich, BC . Designed by Ryan Hoyt and built by Falcon Heights Contracting, the three-storey, 4,500 square-foot house steps down its sloping oce...

The Zoetrope DIY Vertical Wind Turbine Design
Wind power

The Zoetrope: Open Source DIY Vertical Wind Turbine Design a small scale wind turbine he could use to provide supplemental water heating. Applied Sciences then decided to make the design widely available to others along with an introduction to wind power, hoping that others might improve the design and functionality. Hence the beauty of open source design. The freely ...

Green building certifications

Powerhouse: the new standard for positive energy design

...designed using passive strategies such as a compact build volume and a thick envelope of exterior insulation. According to the Powerhouse Group website, the school requires less than a quarter of the energy used by a similar-sized conventional installation of the same size. The coalition has other projects completed, a...

Solar panels power the Kenogami House in Saguenay, Quebec
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

The Kenogami House: Energy systems in Net Zero Energy Home Design

...designed with in-floor radiant heat, orginally supplied by a condensing boiler. The super high-efficiency building envelope of the Net Zero designed Kenogami House is so well-insulated that should the heating system ever completely fail, the house would never fall below freezing. If weather conspired to provide the m...

Under bed storage
Interior design and furnishing

Storage ideas for small spaces

...Design the underside of stair cases to include shelves for books, closets or an small office space. Empty suitcases: except for the globe-trotters among us, suitcases spend most of their time dormant and using up space. They can be easily filled and labelled with rarely-used items. Of course the usefulness of this de...

Commercial Living green roof on the Helen Schuler Nature centre
Roof coverings

Living green roofs: the secrets to success

...designer with a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of plant communities. While the selection of plants will vary by region, there are many common factors essential to the design, construction and maintenance of a vibrant living green roof. Green roofs are a committment to ensure success: A green roof is not so...