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Carpenter ants are a common pest and nuisance to get rid of in homes
Pest control

Removing insects and rodents from your home, safely & humanely (by preference) cleaning and safe storage of food. Depending on what your conscience allows there are a few options: poison works, but that is also dangerous to humans so it needs to be placed in a very safe location, where it is inaccessible to children or pets. Poison should never be used outside the house to avoid killing o...

Which Houseplants are Best to Clean Air & Remove Toxins?
Healthy indoor air quality

Which houseplants are best for purifying air? Ecohome investigates plants clean indoor air? The idea that house plants filter and clean indoor air is at best a mini-truth, and at worst a total myth, and like any pseudo-science health trend, it can have a negative impact as well. Providing false solutions to human health issues gives people a false sense of security. Having pla...

A Tiny House for sale locally set me thinking, should I buy a Tiny Home?
Tiny house


...House Movement has become a bit of a craze over the past few years in the US where I’ve been living, especially since reality TV channels started airing shows such as Tiny House, Big Living, Tiny House Hunters and Tiny House Nation to mention just a few. As much as this may come across as an appealing and sustainable l...

Canada's first LEED V4 Platinum certified home - The Edelweiss House
LEED Homes

Canada's first LEED V4 Platinum house - An EcoHome project checklist

...houses don't have to be energy hogs. The energy savings in the Edelweiss house are so extreme that it would be considerably cheaper to buy and live in this house rather than a house built simply to meet the base requirements of building code - just about anywhere in North America. The Edelweiss House is in Quebec, so...

Hydraloop gray water recovery and treatment systems
Greywater Recycling

At last, a compact & easy to maintain solution for gray water recycling & treatment - the Hydraloop in Canada, back when he first built it in 2004, and he included a DIY gray water recovery system because there wasn't a commercially available solutions available back in the day. Emmanuel’s system required the installation of a large concrete holding tank in the basement with a sand filter. It requires a bi-we...

Green cleaning products
Healthy indoor air quality

6 easy steps to detoxify your home

...Houseplants. According to NASA not only do houseplants clean the air (but not really) , but certain house plants, such as bamboo palm and english ivy, can actually help to eliminate benzene, formaldehyde and/or trichloroethylene in minute quantities. NASA recommends 15 to 18 good-sized houseplants in six- to eight-inch...

Shipping container homes, Good or Bad?
Architecture and plan design

Are shipping container houses environmentally friendly & good or bad to live in? is strong, but so is a solid wood-framed house . There is a common association between container houses and diy green roofs , partly due to the fact that containers can withstand heavy loads. They certainly can, but this line of thinking underestimates the properties and strength of wood. You can easily frame a w...

What is a Free Home Energy Audit Canada?
Grants and incentives

Free home energy audits in Canada as an expense, think of it as a means to an end towards saving money on energy. And a real bonus that not many people think about – an energy-efficient house is a more comfortable house. If your walls are better insulated and if you have better quality windows and you seal up air leaks so there are no drafts, y...

Blower Door Tests - What's the Cost & Who Does Them?
Air and vapour barriers

What is a blower door test? What's the cost? How do you find a company to do one?

...House How do you do a blower door test? There is no DIY blower door YouTube video to watch; you will need to hire a professional to do it. It starts with all the windows and doors being properly closed, at which point your home is depressurized using a large fan built into a shield that is placed in one open door...

Frost in Attics: What causes Attic Ice? How to Fix it?
Roof assemblies - renovation

Why is there frost in my attic? Is ice in roofs a problem & How do I stop it?

...DIY roof insulation projects where new insulation covers up ventilation access. If you discover you have ice in the attic, the 3 things to check first are: Humidity levels in the Home - do you have high humidity and condensation problems? Attic ventilation - Is your attic ventilated correctly and sufficiently? ...

Correctly installed Triple pane south facing windows on Ecohome's Demo House
Windows and doors

Installing doors & windows for the best performance in high efficiency homes, LEED & Passive House

...DIY home renovation. All the same, as EcoHome is all about LEED, Passive House, ZNE, Passive Solar or Zero Energy Green Home Construction , we can say definitively that the tips below become even more pertinent the higher-performance the home is designed to be - and especially important if using the latest generation s...