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DLT Dowel Laminated Timber
Wood and organic materials

Two new options of mass timber panels

...Laminated Timber (DLT): Dowel Laminated Timber is a structural material that is fabricated using wooden dowels only, and require no glues, resins, nails or metal fasteners. DLT originated in Switzerland, where it is known as Dübeldolz. This solid wood product uses hardwood pegs to assemble wooden boards oriented in...

Which wood is best for framing timber frame construction in homes?
Wall assemblies - new construction

Lumber choices for wood frame construction - choosing timber for framing & building homes

...cross-laminated timber (CLT) . Floor plates, structural columns, and exteriors will use wood materials. Cross-laminated timber is stable and Green especially if FSC approved Cross-laminated timber (CLT) CLT is manufactured using many sheets of wood stacked on top of each other and then glued together. Each ...

First Passive House in BC Whistler

B.C.’s First Passive House was built in Whistler in 2012.

...cross-laminated timber decking are a few of the extensive sustainable building features incorporated into the prefabricated design, which also meet requirements for Whistler’s Price Restricted House Initiative. “One of the major hesitations associated with ultra-low energy buildings is the construction costs,” said...

Timber frame construction
Wood and organic materials

Wood frame construction

...Timber Tower, is the tallest timber construction in the world, consisting of 8 wood floors and 1 floor on a concrete platform. It was built using a structural system perfected by KHL (Austria). The cross-laminated timber was prefabricated using engineered wooden tongues, whose increased density equips the building wi...

The Top Twelve Green Building Trends for 2020
Planning and Design

Find out what's trending in 2020 for Green Home Construction

...Timber Panels Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and Mass Timber Panels are more frequently replacing metal and solid wood as structural beams in buildings and homes , or so it would seem in the circles where we travel. This is a great trend towards preserving natural resources and old growth trees, as Mass Timber Panels a...

Concrete, wood and steel structures compared - Timber Frame wins!
Materials and resources

How wood structures compare to steel and concrete for Carbon Footprint

...laminated timber ), wood offers an excellent flexibility in architectural design. While it is found mostly in the residential sector (single-family and low-rise multi-unit buildings), there is an increasing interest in exploring buildings of greater heights. For example, the Oakwood Tower , proposed for the city of Lon...