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Resilient Homes, why they're important in dealing with Climate Change
Lifestyle and environment

Resilient Homes; Why we need to build to withstand climate change events

...costs to a building project, but as they can help save on operational and maintenance costs most household's monthly outgoings are going to be similar. As Energy costs & maintenance will see dramatic increases in the future it only makes sense to protect your investment by building something better, more comfortable, a...

Can I legally put a Tiny House on my Property?
Tiny house

How can I put a Tiny House on my property legally in the USA ?

...costs of a Tiny House? Each city has their own different requirements, so costs would vary. Most cities require some variation of the following points: Tiny Houses must be seated on a pad of some kind, be it concrete, asphalt, flag stone or compacted stone. They want it to be safely hooked to the water and sewe...

What is a Free Home Energy Audit Canada?
Grants and incentives

Free home energy audits in Canada

...cost to have an energy audit? Conducting an energy audit on an average-sized single family home will take about three or four hours to conduct and will likely cost you between $225 and $400 USD at full price, or about $300 and $500 CAD, depending on the size of your home. But don’t think of an energy audit on yo...

Radiant floor heat in a bathroom
Delivery: radiant, forced-air and decentralized

DIY radiant floor installation

...cost less to install than what you would spend for other full house high-efficiency heating systems. See other videos such as DIY radiant floor tube installation and episode 1 of our green home building guide, how to build a passive solar home . Read more about Ecohome's LEED V4 Platinum Edelweiss House , Passive s...

Solar panel reflectors
Solar photovoltaic

Using reflectors to increase the yield of solar panels

...cost for home solar power generation has led to a dramatic increase in the rate of installations, for both residential and commercial use. Increasing the yield through reflection could make that an even more affordable energy supply option. Most of the advances in solar power production come from increasing the effic...

Water efficient bathroom fixtures
Plumbing and water heaters

Plumbing & water

...cost you quite a bit more than a conventional toilet, and prices vary so shop around. Dual flush toilets are now common on the market and priced competitively. A few years ago you would have paid triple the price for an efficient toilet, but now they are now pretty much on par. and can use up to 67% less water than a...

Warm light and dimmable LED bulbs

All about LED bulbs - video

...cost make them a smart choice all around. Read more about Ecohome's LEED V4 Platinum Edelweiss House , Passive House contruction , Passive solar home design , home lighting design and anything you need to know about sustainable green home construction in Ecohome's green building guide pages.

Solar panel installation
Solar photovoltaic

Ten questions to ask a solar panel contractor

...cost, divide the total cost of maintaining and installing it by the amount of electricity it will produce over its entire lifetime. Your contractor should offer a total cost estimate, a forecast for how much energy the system will produce, and a good warranty. Along with your current utility rates, this should be enoug...

BC Energy Step Code - Builder Design Guide &  Requirements explained
Building codes

The new BC energy step code: builder design guide & requirements explained - Vancouver

...cost to meet BC Step Code Requirements? Keep in mind, that as a builder it should cost you nothing extra since these are the costs that will fall on the homeowner. Aspiring young homeowners shouldn’t lose sleep over this either though, additional costs for better performing buildings should effectively be offset by l...

The Affordable Architect-Designed Modern Green prefab 2 Bed kit home
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

Le Refuge - An Architect-Designed modern Green prefab 2 bed kit home

...cost as a site-built house. And Le Refuge was designed and optimized to arrive on a flatbed truck fully-finished and almost ready to move in - oozing practicality and high-end finishes and specification without all the hassle of DIY or penny-pinching. Le Refuge is is certainly compact, but it doesn't feel it, with it...

Commercial Living green roof on the Helen Schuler Nature centre
Roof coverings

Living green roofs: the secrets to success

...cost, previous experience, local availability and warranty considerations. Plant for diversity: I believe plant selection is the single most important factor to ensure the long-term success of a green roof. If the roof fails to establish a healthy community of plants, the system will be prone to costly repairs, hig...