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The Elegant Farm hydroponic bottle garden

Hydroponic bottle gardener launches kickstarter campaign

...costs 3¢ a week in electricity and grows greens, herbs and vegetables indoors year-round. Furthermore, it's handmade in Canada using natural, biodegradable and recycled materials. Jesse Herbert’s experience in environmental technology development informed his approach to product design, with a particular focus on tak...

The Best 10 Energy Saving Tips for Green Homes - EcoHome
Wall assemblies - renovation

Green home improvements: an energy-saving pyramid scheme that actually works!

...costs only a few dollars and can stop air leaks around doors and window frames without sealing them shut. Pay particular attention to older doors and sliding doors - the draft strips are often perished or missing. Plumbing fixtures & aerators: If you have older taps or shower heads, they could be costing you a ton of...

Commercial Living green roof on the Helen Schuler Nature centre
Roof coverings

Living green roofs: the secrets to success

...cost, previous experience, local availability and warranty considerations. Plant for diversity: I believe plant selection is the single most important factor to ensure the long-term success of a green roof. If the roof fails to establish a healthy community of plants, the system will be prone to costly repairs, hig...

Shipping container homes, Good or Bad?
Architecture and plan design

Are shipping container houses environmentally friendly & good or bad to live in?

...cost more to operate than a conventional wood-framed house - so a shipping container home might seem like a cheap Tiny House option , but will probably end up costing more once heating and cooling is taken into account. Now you know more about whether Shipping Container Homes are Good or Bad :- Find more pa...

Smart homes: Remotely control and monitor your energy consumption
Efficient home design

Smart homes: efficiency, comfort & convenience at our fingertips

...costs. Those are not insignificant savings, and even though a system may at first seem costly, you will often recoup your money in as little as 2 years. Most homes already include programmable thermostats, so how is controlling it remotely such a big advantage? Because very rarely are those programmable thermostats p...

Problem areas of air leakage in a home and blower door test being cond
Air and vapour barriers

Airtight Construction of Homes is Essential: "Your house sucks." "Oh yeah? your house blows!"

...costs. The issue isn't about durability but rather comfort and cost due to heat and energy loss. Positive air pressure in a home in summer will force cool air out and have those same impacts on your comfort or your cooling cost. Positive air pressure in houses in winter is the biggest problem . The difference betwe...

Polished concrete floors and counters
Paints, finishes and natural coatings

Finishing concrete floors with silicate densifiers

...cost. In most cases there is little need to start lower than 200 grit or go beyond 1,500 grit. Every pass costs you money in pads and labour. So don't get up-sold to a 3,000 grit finish by a charming contractor with lots of time on their hands. You probably won't see the difference in the finish but you'll definitely s...

Leed platinum plaque
Green building certifications

All about green home certification programs & rating systems for USA & Canada

...cost effective, there aren't as many financial incentives as with other programs. However there is nothing to stop you from pursuing LEED at the same time and having access to some of the financial benefits that come with brand recognition. If you achieve LBC certification you'll have no problem earning LEED certificat...

Painting with zero VOC paint from Benjamin Moore
Paints, finishes and natural coatings

Choosing safe paints

...cost compared to the reduced risk during application and future occupation makes it a worthwhile investment. Low or zero VOC paints may still include ingredients such as formaldehyde, ammonia, acetone and even odour-masking agents that cause indoor air pollution. If you are trying to prevent polluted indoor air, ask ...

Recycled barn beams and a refinished clawfoot bathtub
Recycled and Reclaimed Materials

Recycled & reclaimed materials

...cost to the consumer; indirectly, the costs are exponentially higher through environmental destruction and the costs that come with it. Depending on the type of product, some used building materials will save you a lot of money and add character to your home, some will at times cost more and add absolutely nothing, e...

Solar thermal collectors

Product of the month: Solar water heater with overheating protection

...cost you much less to install low-flow shower heads and fixtures than it will to buy an extra panel to meet all your hot water needs. Solar installation angle: Most residential roofs have a pitch between 4/12 and 6/12 (18.4° - 26.6°), and within those parameters the panels are best mounted flush to the sloped roof ...