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Urban Farm Unit - Aquaponics, Hydroponics, Pisciculture and Urban Farming
Food production

Growing food in urban cores with the Urban Farm Unit

...container greenhouse the Urban Farm Unit Urban Farming using the UFU Aquaponics, Hydroponics, Pisciculture and U...

Growing Food Indoors, Vegetables for Homes & Apartments
Food production

Food & Greens can be grown easily indoors - here's how!

...containers, such as deep pie plates or even disposable take out containers; Seeds; A window with about 4 hours (or more) of direct sun exposure per day. ...

Shipping container homes, Good or Bad?
Architecture and plan design

Are shipping container houses environmentally friendly & good or bad to live in?

...containers Good or Bad as homes - and for the Environment?" Like many great ideas, the re-use of shipping containers for housing makes complete sense on the s...

Tips for Urban Gardening and Gardening in Small Spaces
Food production

Grow food at home: 8 great tips for growing food in small spaces

...container garden with color! Container gardens are also extremely space efficient as every ounce of soil in your container will count for fruit and vegetable ...