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Disposing of old batteries

Waste management: compost and recycling

...Composting: Composting is relatively simple and requires little investment. Making this minor lifestyle adjustment can reduce your curbside garbage by close t...

Water efficient bathroom fixtures
Plumbing and water heaters

Plumbing & water

...composting toilets are a way around that. A composting toilet is a great solution for reducing water consumption as well as having facilities where you don’t ...

The Otis mobile tiny house
Tiny house

The Tiny House Movement may have gotten tinier with the arrival of Otis

...composting toilet, a rainwater collection system, and a single 120-watt solar panel to provide electricity. The class has dubbed the structure OTIS (Optimal Tra...

Suburb of Toronto
Choosing where to live

Living a greener lifestyle in the suburbs

...composting, growing your own food, and collecting rainwater . Small steps to reduce our impact add up when we encourage others to do so. If you have no sun bu...

The Fun Box
Tiny house

The Fun Box! Solar, wind and human powered luxury living

...composting toilet, open-air shower, large moveable stainless steel bath. Built in outdoor fireplace on the terrace. Entertainment: human powered television,...

Mobile tiny house
Tiny house

Is Tiny House living in a cold climate good or bad for the planet?

...composting toilets. Both require maintenance and neither comes cheap. The options for potable water are rainwater storage and treatment or filling up somewhere,...

Artistic rendition of the 2000 square foot sustainable home being buil
Living Building Challenge

Taking the Living Building Challenge

...composting toilet that turns it's waste into fertilizer, and be used in its own backyard for food production. Other features will be a rainwater treatment syste...

ProductiveHouse in Montreal
Choosing where to live

Green living in the city

...composting and gardening, greening our streets, promoting alternatives to pesticides etc. Check local bulletin boards and community centres for groups in your...

Water efficiency
Plumbing and water heaters

How to save money on your hot water bills!

...composting hot water heater and hot tub is pretty fun too ! The most common thermal solar system involves a liquid passing through tubing in panels on your ro...