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Why you should get an E-bike now

...communiting rather than recreational mountain biking and such. As a 750W class 2 e-cargo bike, this one has gotten favorable reviews when compared to its competitors that are 2 or 3 times as expensive. See here for full details. Motan 750w eBike has great reviews for the budget Folding Ebikes can add a bit ...

Electric scooter for commuting

The Scrooser: Electric e-bike / scooter for urban commuting

Enter the Scrooser. The Scrooser is a German engineered electric scooter / e-bike with a top speed of 24 km (15 mph) and a range of 35.5 km (22 miles). It works with an Impulse Drive that is literally kickstarted by it's rider as the engine engages when the scooter reaches speeds over 3 km per hour. The Scroos...