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The village of Baie-Saint-Paul in Charlevoix
Choosing where to live

Moving to the country - living a rural lifestyle

...communities you will be able to find local farmers offering vegetables, meats and eggs. In certain ways rural living can’t help but increase your personal emiss...

net zero energy home
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

Natural Resources Canada launches net zero energy pilot project

...communities. The pilot will label houses with a next generation ERS rating (0 GJ). This offers an ideal opportunity for participants to use and feed into the ...

Vapor retarder latex primer instead of polyethylene sheet
Air and vapour barriers

Replacing polyethylene vapour barriers with latex paint vapor control

...communities of Canada, less so as you come further south. Despite it being used extensively in residential construction, it can be overkill in most Canadian hom...

Non-toxic building materials can improve home air quality
Healthy indoor air quality

Maintaining healthy indoor air quality

...communities. Outside of household furnishings, to further reduce your exposure choose lean cuts of meat, low fat dairy products, and avoid farmed salmon, a no...

Dirrtt Environmental Solutions, Green Wall
Lifestyle and environment

Green Business Certification Inc. and Canada Green Building Council Join Together to Advance the WELL Building Standard

...communities in Canada to come together to support human health through the built environment.” As GBCI aims to introduce WELL in markets spanning the globe,...

tidal power generators
Renewable energy

Tidal generators offer a predictable supply of renewable energy

...communities upstream and downstream. The blocking of fish migratory routes and the extinction of species. Blocking the flow of river sediment that replenish...

As our climate adapts to human carbon emissions, homes have to change
Lifestyle and environment

Changing homes in a changing climate

...communities fare in the coming century. Of course this does not address existing homes, as home buyers we should take the time to do our own research, look at f...

The Top Twelve Green Building Trends for 2020
Planning and Design

Find out what's trending in 2020 for Green Home Construction

...communities and increases in traffic, which is a fully understandable sentiment. But it doesn’t change the fact that the lowest-impact living occurs when new ho...

60 Minutes On This Bicycle Can Power Your Home For 24 Hours (In Theory Anyhow)
Renewable energy

Can you really power your home with a bicycle generator?

...communities to not only light their homes but to connect to the internet. Bhargava says the reason the majority of those who are poor stay poor is because they ...

Off-grid LEED Gold house in Low, Quebec
LEED Homes

Canada Ranks as the top country for LEED green building for second year in a row

...communities. * The United States was not officially named to this list, but it remains the world's largest market for green building. Learn about energy-eff...

Commercial Living green roof on the Helen Schuler Nature centre
Roof coverings

Living green roofs: the secrets to success

...communities. While the selection of plants will vary by region, there are many common factors essential to the design, construction and maintenance of a vibrant...