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Wood Combustion - How it works and the different stages
Wood stove and biomass heat

Wood Combustion – How Firewood Burns & How to get the best heat while being eco-friendly

...combustion takes place. This is the heat-producing stage. It occurs at two different temperature levels: primary and secondary combustion. Primary Combustion: The process by which gases are released from wood and burned is called primary combustion. Primary combustion begins at about 540° F, continues toward 900° F...

Natural gas fireplace
Heating with gas and oil

Heating with natural gas

...combustion is condensed and recovers the latent heat of condensation. This is a very efficient combustion system, somewhere in the area of 90% to 97%. There is also very little loss during the transmission of heat energy. With a conventional boiler: This is a clean burn and it emits very few particles. However, overa...

LEED Homes

The 19 LEED for Homes Prerequisites

...combustion appliances, venting requirements and ventilation systems. 2.1 Basic combustion venting measures: Meet all of the following requirements: Ensure there are no unvented combustion appliances. Install carbon monoxide detectors on each floor. Ensure all fireplaces, wood stoves and pellet stoves are ei...

The importance of Cleaning HRV intakes

How to keep your HRV clean and operating efficiently

...Combustion , we have been monitoring the levels (which are now about 80% lower) and will continue to adjust the flow-rates as well as intake and exhaust locations for optimum radon removal. We will document that process fully in the near future, but that’s not what I’m currently here to tell you. I was surprised when...

Gas powered tankless water heaters
Plumbing and water heaters

Are tankless water heaters good?

...combustion. These models are not recommended because they draw in and evacuate heat from the home and because a defect in the seal of the combustion chamber could – in the event of flow reversal or depressurisation – lead to a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Higher-end models of gas-fired instantaneous water hea...

Tesla Solar Roof Tiles installation just got easier
Solar photovoltaic

Tesla solar roof gains ground with target of 1000 solar roofs / week

...combustion engine vehicles. The economic case for the Tesla roof follows that same principle. The Tesla solar roof tiles integrate with identical non-solar ones for a seamless look we like When can I get a Tesla solar roof? The answer to that is, don’t hold your breath. That’s a supply and demand issue, and i...

Reduced carbon concrete Patio blocks and CMU
Concrete and masonry

Reducing emissions with CO² cured-concrete

...combustion fumes at the industrial production site, which is then re-injected into the mix. That CO² is sequestered permanently in the material instead of being released into the atmosphere. The cement reacts with carbon dioxide to form calcium carbonate (CaCo³) and calcium silicate (CaSiO³) which acts to harden the ...

High efficiency fireplaces and how to choose one
Wood stove and biomass heat

Choosing the right wood-burning stove or fireplace for both heat output & the environment

...combustion process of wood and they start to burn off at about 540°F. That's where the term 'secondary combustion' comes in with stoves that have that capacity, which by now is offered by almost all manufacturers. Without the secondary combustion feature, much of the fuel value of your wood (up to 60%) is lost up the c...

Choosing the right firewood
Wood stove and biomass heat

Burning the right firewood for maximum heat output and minimum environmental impact

...combustion. Buying the right stove in the first place allows us to run them at the optimum efficiency level while giving the level of heat required to heat the home - it's a balancing act, too big and either it overheats or doesn't get to correct temperature and burns inefficiently, too small and we jam them too full t...

The LEED rating system
LEED Homes

The LEED rating system

...combustion venting, home ventilation, and air filtering. This results in a healthier indoor environment and greater satisfaction, health and comfort among occupants. Awareness & Education (3 points) The Awareness & Education category encourages builders to provide homeowners with the necessary knowledge to run the ...

Living green wall
Healthy indoor air quality

Living walls: what they do and don't do

...combustion appliances (woodstoves, gas water heaters, gas ranges, etc.). Following that would be formaldehyde, VOCs and other chemicals in building materials and furnishings. All these factors lead to indoor air being many times more polluted than outdoor air, which you then filter with your lungs. We think it's impo...