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Correct window installation details
Windows and doors

How to install windows

...the right windows on the south side you can gain more heat in the daytime than they will lose at night. For how to choose the best windows for your house, see h...

How to choose Triple pane, high performance windows
Windows and doors

The best tips for buying windows

...the Northern Hemisphere © Ecohome Tips for choosing the right windows • Choose the most efficient windows you can afford . Work with the window supp...

When should you replace windows
Windows and doors

When should you replace old windows?

...the entire window, you just remove the trim on the inside of the window (whether it is fixed or operational) to access the thermals, which are the sealed glass ...

Correctly installed Triple pane south facing windows on Ecohome's Demo House
Windows and doors

Installing doors & windows for the best performance in high efficiency homes, LEED & Passive House position windows towards the center of the rough opening rather than installing them flush to the outside. Windows that are installed at the exterior p...

Balanced insulation levels in a green home
Efficient home design

Insulation in Green Home Building, a balanced approach to putting it where it does the most good

...the entire life of a house. So there is balanced insulation in a nutshell - spread it evenly and in the right amounts for the right areas and you will get the m...

High efficiency wood stoves
Wood stove and biomass heat

Heating with wood and biomass fuel

...the potential heat output. Read a guide here on choosing the best firewood for the highest heat output , or see our guide on choosing the best wood-buring sto...

Reducing the need for air conditioning
Heating and cooling

How to keep homes cool without air conditioning

...the windows. Block out the sun during the day with opaque curtains or blinds, this reduces the amount of heat that enters the house. Fans: they don't actual...

Real estate

Are you selling a house? Here are the top 10 things homebuyers look for

...the value of a more energy efficient design, often doubting they will get their money back for their efforts and added investment. This confirmation by the Cana...

Renovate, Remodel or Rebuild? How to choose which is Best for Homes
Wall assemblies - renovation

Should I be renovating my home or tearing it down & rebuilding?

...the interior of the kitchen cupboards. The problem was that the wall in the back of the cupboards was cold due to a lack of insulation, so the humid air in the ...

Choosing a building envelope
Wall assemblies - new construction

Choosing a building envelope - starting with the perfect wall

...the joint where the wall meets the roofline. The panel itself is airtight, if the joints are well sealed then the house can be as well. We would recommend the...

Real estate

Evaluating a home before purchase: how to recognize value and potential problems

...The bigger the overhang the less rain will hit your house. This can extend the life of siding and help walls dry out quicker. Are there roof valleys? These ca...