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Epiphany 0nE Puck
Renewable energy

A 'Stirling' idea for charging your cell phone

...Phones, iPods, Android phones, and any device that uses a USB charger drawing 1000 mA or less, it's as simple as connecting the onE Puck to your device and setting your drink down. From their Kickstarter page: “Say you are out for a night at the bar and your phone battery dies. Rather than awkwardly moving to a cor...

Trinity portable wind turbine for charging devices
Wind power

The Trinity portable wind turbine will charge your gadgets on the go.

...phone or tablet. It folds together into a 12" cylinder that can be carried wherever you go, has a 15W generator and a built in battery capable of holding 15,000 mAh (enought to charge a cell phone up to six times). It has been designed with ease of use in mind, making it extremely simple to transport and operate. I'm...