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Non-toxic building materials can improve home air quality
Healthy indoor air quality

Maintaining healthy indoor air quality

...asthma cases being diagnosed world-wide increases by approximately 50% per decade. At present 3 million Canadians suffer from asthma, a rate that has seen a significant rise in the last 20 years. Though researchers have yet to determine the exact cause of the increase in asthma rates, symptoms are brought on by chemi...

Affordable Modern Prefab Eco Homes Available - The S1600
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

The S1600 - affordable modern prefab eco homes for families

...rates of only 7.13 cents /kWh, the entire heating and electrical load would amount to approximately $665.00 CAD per year or just under $42 US per month (check your local utility rates to get a more accurate cost estimate for your location). So is this a Zero Net Energy prefab home? Theoretically, it's possible, but...