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The Best Electric Car - Discover which EV is best for You
Lifestyle, location and commuting

The Best Electric Car - Discover which EV is best for You

...EV charging stations, and how cold the winters are or indeed how hot the summers (which negatively impacts battery performance and EV range). If you live close to your workplace and don’t do a lot of road trips you can probably get by with one that has a shorter range. And using it less means it will be easier to avo...

Electric vehicle charging station

Electric Vehicles getting help from the provinces

...ansportation, yet it’s unlikely we will see the end of the personal vehicle anytime soon. Transit would need to become much more extensive and gas much more costly for us to see any significant reduction of cars on our roads. Even then, there are just too many people whose lifestyles and businesses can't function witho...

Real estate

Are you selling a house? Here are the top 10 things homebuyers look for

...ance is a top priority to Canadian homebuyers. Our recommendations for home renovations and upgrades prior to selling: Energy- efficient appliances : Make informed choices based on the EnerGuide rating wherever possible; Look for ENERGY STAR certified appliances, and SmartSense appliances (low water consumption)....

Tesla Solar Roof Tiles installation just got easier
Solar photovoltaic

Tesla solar roof gains ground with target of 1000 solar roofs / week I get a Tesla solar roof? The answer to that is, don’t hold your breath. That’s a supply and demand issue, and if history and the popularity of the Tesla brand is any indicator, it may still be a while. Providing 1000 solar roofs per week is a significant achievement, but at the rate of new home construction as we...