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Gabion walls can be used for building homes
Concrete and masonry

Gabion Walls - what is a gabion cage & how to build with them?

...green building techniques here : Compare the carbon footprint of wood v steel v concrete buildings Future-proof building techniques for a changing climate Resilient design features for new home construction Find more about green home construction in the EcoHome Green Building Guide pages ...

Real estate

Evaluating a home before purchase: how to recognize value and potential problems

...green home renovations and upgrades in the Ecohome Green Home Building Guide pages.

What is Interstitial Condensation? (And how to stop it!)
Walls and Roofs

What is Interstitial Condensation in Walls or Roofs? (And how to stop it!)

...built to be both warm and cool, whereas older homes were built with more permeable materials and have lots of natural ventilation and draughts. So unfortunately for those with newer built houses, you’re not out of the woods. This isn't to say that older houses won’t be affected though, they absolutely can and it’s us...

Passive House design Vancouver
Passive House

The city of Vancouver is actively promoting Passive House construction

Vancouver has set a goal of being the greenest city in the world by the year 2020 . Some of the policies included in that plan are expanded public transportation, bike lanes, encouraging laneway houses for urban density and requiring all new civic buildings to be zero emissions. The city has also imposed upon itself...

Multi Unit Passive House design Vancouver Island BC
Passive House

The North Park Passive House on Vancouver Island, BC

...Green Building Guides - North America's favorite Sustainable & Green Building Resource First published by our print affiliate Ecohouse Magazine. The author, Rob Bernhardt, is with Bernhardt Contracting in Victoria.

Radon Mitigation - Installing a radon evacuation stack in a slab floor
Radon in Homes - Mitigation

Mitigating radon gas in homes

...built side by side, and built the same way, which tested dramatically differently for radon gas in their basements. Carbon Monoxide in homes may have the reputation as the "silent killer", but we say it's better to be safe than sorry and test your home for radon gas as a matter of course, but especially if you've ever ...

What is a heat pump
Heat pumps, geothermal and AC

Heat pumps: what they are and how they work

...Green Building Guide . Home Heating - How to Design a Home for Thermal Comfort and Efficiency Electric Home Heating - Which Types are Best? Best Energy Saving Tips for Green Homes - 10 Tips Renewable Energy - What are the Best Ways to Generate Power at Home? Heat Pump Manufacturer Trane Te...

Ice dams on roofs & how to fix them
Roof assemblies - renovation

What causes ice dams and how to fix them

...Green Homes all in the Ecohome Green Home Building Guide pages .

Prefab frost-protected shallow foundation insulated form kit
Slab on Grade

Raft slabs - How to build Insulated Frost Protected shallow foundations (FPSF) on problem soils

...built on soil that could not support other types of structures. The typical soil bearing requirements for a thickened edge footing are 150 kpa (3,000psf), where a raft slab may be able to sit on soil with one third of that bearing capacity, or even less with additional engineering measures. This will often be the mos...

Choosing a building envelope
Wall assemblies - new construction

Choosing a building envelope - starting with the perfect wall

...built to code . For example, if a home is built of timber and will be air conditioned in summer months, it is now agreed on by building scientists that the worst thing you can do is to install an interior polyethylene vapour barrier. Since we build outside with wet materials, buildings start out wet. Over their servi...

Rendering of the Ecohome demonstration house
Efficient home design

Ecohome Demo House: High performance, affordable cost

...built homes, yet be on par with those homes in its annual cost to own and operate. Design for heat retention before heat generation Standard practices in residential construction are long overdue for re-evaluation and improvement. The energy needed to operate new homes reflects the cheap oil prices of days long gon...