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Off-grid home with solar PV & Battery backup
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

Thinking about renewable home energy and a battery backup?

...battery backup. Even with a system that doesn't meet your full daily needs, batteries can be charged by the grid during low-rate hours, allowing you to feed off it during peak-rate hours without paying through the nose. Watch for this sort of thing to take hold moving into the future as battery technology improves an...

Product of the month: Aquion’s Aqueous Hybrid Ion saltwater home batte
Renewable energy

Aquion’s saltwater home battery

...battery: Aquion hasn't been on the market long enough to have an ironclad track record that can be cited, but here is some of what we've read that we like: They have no toxic chemicals or heavy metals so they are non-explosive, non-flammable and non-corrosive, making them the safest home battery on the market at ...

Lithium-ion solar home battery
Solar photovoltaic

Lithium-ion solar home batteries

...battery. No longer being limited to using only half of the stored power in a battery effectively doubles their capacity. The second big improvement is the advent of ‘smart’ battery controls. Battery systems have always required a charge controller to make sure the batteries are not overcharged or discharged too deepl...

Thermal batteries for passive solar design
Efficient home design

Thermal batteries: how to passively store heat

...battery? Thermal mass of any kind can by definition be called a thermal battery, as it has the ability to store heat. In the context of a house, that means dense materials like bricks, masonry and concrete. Even a jug of water sitting in a sunny window is a thermal battery of sorts as it captures and later releases h...

Why basements flood and how to prevent that with a sump pump
Basements improvements

Why Basements Flood & How to Prevent Flooded Basements

...battery backup system Double sump pump and sump pump battery - belt and suspenders! How to size a sump pump battery If you already have a sump pump in your home and you’re just considering a battery for some added peace of mind, then take the next opportunity to monitor how often it goes off. That can be du...

The Best Electric Car - Discover which EV is best for You
Lifestyle, location and commuting

The Best Electric Car - Discover which EV is best for You

...battery to capacity. As for battery life, it’s still early for long term predictions but they’re actually performing better than the initial industry expectations. And I can say with Tesla, at least, there is an 8-year warranty on the battery so I wouldn’t spend much time worrying about them. And purely for fun we’...

Solar Electricity Generation & Storage with no Batteries, Azelio
Renewable energy

Azelio Solar solutions combine electricity generation & storage without Batteries

...battery, it expands and forces a piston. Gas is cooled in the cycle, then re-heated again by the thermal battery. This process is repeated about 25 times per second. We find this very impressive, because it is in part indicative of a revival in solar thermal heat storage systems, which was starting to go the way of...

Lifestyle and environment

Emergency preparedness guide for homes

...battery, you should wind them to full power on occasion rather than letting them sit there dead. Candles and functioning lighters are a great back up, but even safer are battery powered LED candles. This eliminates any fire hazard if they are accidentally left on overnight. Generators: Having a small gas-powered ge...

Smart sewage backup device
Plumbing and water heaters

Sewage backup flood prevention and water leak notification on your device - our products of the month

...battery backups, so they continue to operate in the event of a power failure. © Inflotrolix 1. A fully automatic sewer backflow prevention system: To counter sewer back-ups, Inflotrolix has developed an intelligent pneumatic flood prevention system. The device has an inflatable probe balloon...

Epiphany 0nE Puck
Renewable energy

A 'Stirling' idea for charging your cell phone

...battery dies. Rather than awkwardly moving to a corner to plug in your charger, or leaving altogether, you can pull out the Epiphany onE Puck, power it up with that cold beer you’re holding, and charge away! Your work schedule is unpredictable and you’re always on the go. The only constant part of your day is the dai...

Solar panel installation
Solar photovoltaic

Ten questions to ask a solar panel contractor

...battery systems and you may be able to sell the excess energy you produce back to utility companies. Read here about The latest solar home battery technology on the market. Do solar panels have warranties? No one likes empty promises, and no one likes a company that can’t deal with the repercussions of faulty produ...