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Kitchen and Bathroom design tips

Design ideas for durable kitchens and bathrooms

...bathrooms can lead to rot and mold, affecting air quality and forcing costly repairs. Venting kitchen fumes to the exterior will also reduce the amount of time spent cleaning, which few will complain about. In older homes it is worth a check to make sure bathroom and kitchen fans aren't vented into the attic. Ran...

Slate tile installation in bathrooom
Flooring and stairs

Slate Tile installation - video

...bathroom counter, floors and shower stalls with a dark slate tile from Glendyne. Slate is a natural stone, so its surfaces have more character and inconsistencies in texture - and at times in thickness - than manufactured tiles. This can mean a bit more effort on the part of installers, but a more natural look with the...

Under bed storage
Interior design and furnishing

Storage ideas for small spaces

...bathroom cabinets hide completely dead space that can reclaimed for storage. This is a solution for custom made cabinets only of course, you won't find it at Ikea. A slightly modified kick plate height can make for a built-in and retractable stool in the bathroom for kids. Kickplate drawer in bathroom cabinet © A...

A tiny house that looks like a stack of logs
Tiny house

A portable off-grid tiny house that looks like a stack of wood

...bathroom, shower and solar panels for off-grid power. With both kitchen and bathroom behind moveable partitions, the uncluttered interior is skillfully designed to be an undefined multi-functional space. When lowered, the main door acts as a deck offering natural light provided by a full wall double paned window. Whe...

Water efficient Boulevard FloWise toilet from American Standard

Efficient toilets for LEED homes

...bathroom chores will understand that it is not only about the look, but also for ease of cleaning. There is a lot to consider in high performance building, and details like performance toilets are not minor, they are a big part of delivering homes that will keep everyone satisfied.

Marmoleum is a non-toxic eco choice for flooring
Flooring and stairs

Marmoleum: a healthy and durable flooring option.

Remember linoleum, that durable but boring material found on most kitchen and bathroom floors of older homes? These days, its called marmoleum and it comes in bright colors and faux finishes. Whatever name you call it, it’s generally considered both the greenest and healthiest floor covering in the world. Today’s ...

The high performance almost ZNE Warburg house by bioi - built for under $100,00
Efficient home design

A High Performance Home on a Shoe String Budget (Almost ZNE!)

...bathroom with laundry, and storage. Windows and skylights are positioned to take full advantage of the natural light from the southern exposure, and are detailed with extruded wooden frames that accentuate their placement and views. To provide comfortable living in a small space, the Warburg house is essentially divi...

A Vancouver laneway house
Flexible house design

Flexible house design

...bathrooms to facilitate safety handles. Universal access doors (36") and spacious bathrooms. Under-counter openings for wheelchairs. There is no question that incorporating flexible design features into new home construction will add some cost. But it will almost certainly save someone a lot of money at some po...

DIY Bidet Installation Video - Save on Water & Paper

DIY Bidet installation video

...bathroom tissue! The first hurdle to jump is to realize that this no longer means a second toilet-shaped throne in your bathroom to where you move your bottom after you’ve completed the first step of your mission – to successfully jettison all unwanted materials. You can purchase bidet add-ons that fit to existing to...

Heat Recovery Ventilation - Lunos video

Lunos ductless air exchanger

...bathroom, as it eliminates the need for fans exhausting moist air and odors directly outside. Bathroom fans and stove hoods can be a problem in an airtight house due to the depressurization they can cause, and possibly affecting their operation. That leaves the option of opening a window to supply new air (less than ...

The Affordable Architect-Designed Modern Green prefab 2 Bed kit home
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

Le Refuge - An Architect-Designed modern Green prefab 2 bed kit home

...bathroom and 2 bedrooms. The walls are insulated with vapor-permeable wood fiber panels , and dense-packed cellulose insulation . Windows are triple-glazed with Low-e coatings for maximum performance and UV protection of interior finishes and furniture. If living in 750 square feet seems just a little too cozy...