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Kitchen and Bathroom design tips

Design ideas for durable kitchens and bathrooms

...bathrooms can lead to rot and mold, affecting air quality and forcing costly repairs. Venting kitchen fumes to the exterior will also reduce the amount of time spent cleaning, which few will complain about. In older homes it is worth a check to make sure bathroom and kitchen fans aren't vented into the attic. Ran...

Slate tile installation in bathrooom
Flooring and stairs

Slate Tile installation - video

...bathroom counter, floors and shower stalls with a dark slate tile from Glendyne. Slate is a natural stone, so its surfaces have more character and inconsistencies in texture - and at times in thickness - than manufactured tiles. This can mean a bit more effort on the part of installers, but a more natural look with the...

How to Fix a Leaky or Dripping Faucet Easily
Plumbing renos, repairs and maintenance

How to fix a Leaky Faucet for under $1 (and stop that tap dripping !)

Why fix leaky faucets? One of the jobs that sat on my Honey-Do-List for quite a while longer than I care to admit has been to fix the leaky and dripping older-style faucet in the bathroom at the cabin - made worse by us being off grid and only having a finite amount of rainwater available in our outside catchment ta...

Under bed storage
Interior design and furnishing

Storage ideas for small spaces

...bathroom cabinets hide completely dead space that can reclaimed for storage. This is a solution for custom made cabinets only of course, you won't find it at Ikea. A slightly modified kick plate height can make for a built-in and retractable stool in the bathroom for kids. Kickplate drawer in bathroom cabinet © A...

The Fincube tin house
Tiny house

The Fincube off-grid tiny house

...bathroom) open up to the outside. The 360-degree glass fronts, innovative lighting technology and use of natural material create a unique changing ambience throughout the course of a day. The flat roof design allows for a green roof or the installation of solar panels. Hats off to the designers, this would be a pre...

A sustainably built, ultra modern and affordable tiny house
Tiny house

NOMAD Micro Home fuelled by crowd funding, takes green building world by storm.

...bathroom, stair, and sleeping area are all seamlessly integrated into a 10' x 10' space. Priced at under $39,000 for the base model, or just $3800 down, NOMAD’s goal is to reduce consumerism and focus on an affordable and sustainable housing option for the largest portion of our society: hard-working individuals who ...

The Fun Box
Tiny house

The Fun Box! Solar, wind and human powered luxury living

...Bathroom facilities: composting toilet, open-air shower, large moveable stainless steel bath. Built in outdoor fireplace on the terrace. Entertainment: human powered television, DVD player and sound system. 15 minutes of pedaling earns you an hour and a half of watching. Bathtub on wheels © Le Ver...

Snowboarder, Mike, Basich's, off-grid cabin in the woods with hot tub
Tiny house

Off-grid tiny house in the heart of the Sierras.

...bathroom per se, but equipped with a hot tub and chairlift, this gorgeous Tiny House is most perfectly situated in the heart of the Sierras. © Mike Basich Basich began his career as one of the pioneers of snowboarding. Once embroiled in competitions, he lived a very "big" life which he describ...

Water efficient Boulevard FloWise toilet from American Standard

Efficient toilets for LEED homes

...bathroom chores will understand that it is not only about the look, but also for ease of cleaning. There is a lot to consider in high performance building, and details like performance toilets are not minor, they are a big part of delivering homes that will keep everyone satisfied.

The off-grid Ecocapsule accessory dwelling unit
Tiny house

The off-grid Ecocapsule tiny house

...bathroom with a shower and a toilet that collects bio waste, the Ecocapsule can be used as a tiny home, a pop-up hotel, a humanitarian refuge, or even an electric car charging station. Its 9744Wh battery is powered by a 750W silent wind turbine and 600W solar outputs that enable it to operate completely off-grid. A d...

The LEED Platinum Beachaus II from Inhaus Development Ltd.
LEED Homes

LEED Platinum Home in British Columbia

...bathroom home includes a large separate office/studio space and bright, naturally lit living spaces. Following in the footsteps of the Beachaus I project, Beachaus II from Inhaus Developments has again proven that luxury living and sustainable housing are perfectly compatible. Efficient design, durability, air qualit...