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R values and insulation performance
Efficient home design

Understanding thermal performance

...temperatures the performance decreases dramatically. Importantly, it is at these more extreme temperatures [i.e. farther away from interior temperatures] where the performance of the insulation is most needed, and yet it is at these temperatures where it performs worst. Notably, the R-value of the polyiso also depend...

Passive Solar Home design at it's best - Kenogami House - EcoHome
Passive solar home design

Ecohome Kenogami House wins Home of the Year Award

...temperatures in the mid 20s (°C) and dropped only to 20.4 °C after consecutive overcast days. To balance temperatures through the home, unheated water is pumped through the concrete slab floor to help transfer the warmth of the sun from the southern exposure to the north end of the house, also making sure rooms expos...

Concrete floors and timber frame as thermal mass
Efficient home design

The pros and cons of thermal mass in buildings

...balance temperatures in spring and fall when days are warm but nights are still cool. That will either increase comfort or reduce the need for heating and cooling. Heat security: Having significant thermal mass in your home can be a big advantage in winter in the case of power outages, as virtually all commonly chose...

Efficient home design

Phase change building materials - natural heat storage in buildings

...balance home temperatures with reduced energy demand for heating and cooling. With very little testing information available we're not comfortable making claims as to how well this or any other such products work, how long they will continue to work, and whether or not it is cost-effective. But we really love the con...


Case Study: Kenogami House, Saguenay, Quebec

...balance temperatures between day and night.

Wood Combustion - How it works and the different stages
Wood stove and biomass heat

Wood Combustion – How Firewood Burns & How to get the best heat while being eco-friendly

...temperatures are on the rise. The chemical structure of the wood starts to break down and the process of pyrolysis begins. Pyrolysis “liberates organic gases and leaves carbon rich charcoal”. This process also creates a mixture of hydrocarbons in the form of liquid tar droplets and combustibles gases and digging into t...

Prefab frost-protected shallow foundation insulated form kit
Slab on Grade

Raft slabs - How to build Insulated Frost Protected shallow foundations (FPSF) on problem soils

...balance temperatures in both summer and winter. Such quantities of heated thermal mass inside the building envelope also provides heat security in the event of a power outage, by slowly releasing its heat over the course of days. Raft slabs can be heated with hydronic systems (liquid) or air-heated tubes as seen belo...

Solariums in cold climates won't heat homes unless carefully designed and built
Greenhouses and Sunrooms / Solariums

Solariums in cold climates won't heat your home

...temperatures balanced. The ideal design would absorb as much solar radiation as possible in the day, lose as little as possible at night, and include materials with high thermal mass and dark color in the direct path of the sun to absorb heat and balance temperatures. "The extreme variation of temperatures between su...

Problem areas of air leakage in a home and blower door test being cond
Air and vapour barriers

Airtight Construction of Homes is Essential: "Your house sucks." "Oh yeah? your house blows!"

...balanced HRVs: Heat recovery ventilators (HRV's) need to be professionally balanced in order to keep an even air pressure. Odds are if you haven't had it balanced it is most certainly providing too much or too little air compared to the amount being exhausted. Bathroom fans : If they are designed to run off a hum...

Slab on grade or a foundation and basement?
Foundation choices

Slab-on-grade vs foundation and crawlspace or basement

...balance temperatures. Be sure to use a foundation wrap or membrane extended over the footing, and proper drainage. Regardless of the base you build on, insulate the surface extending out 4 feet from your home to keep either your foundation or slab from freezing. This is done by grading away from your foundation, bu...

Rendering of the Ecohome demonstration house
Efficient home design

Ecohome Demo House: High performance, affordable cost

...balance the added 'carbon' investment in terms of the embodied energy of building materials. For our building envelope we will use Roxul mineral wool insulation, which has a high embodied energy but superior durability compared to many other insulation materials. It can also be easily disassembled and entirely reusab...