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The Archipod
Tiny house

Have a backyard home office delivered by truck

I'm sure we can all agree that as the cost and inconvenience of commuting to work continues to escalate, the advances in networking technology are making the p...

Ottawa Coach House
Tiny house

Ottawa now allows backyard coach homes

...backyard coach homes is new as of 2017. Why build a coach house? There are a myriad of reasons - in-law suites, rental properties, even getting your 30-somethin...

The Methane Midden compost water heater that surpassed its goal on kic
Plumbing and water heaters

Compost pile hot tub water heater

...backyard inventions or hear of one, by all means tip us off.

“The perfect lawn” comes with a very heavy environmental cost!

Which are the best bee-friendly & Eco-friendly alternatives to grass lawns in backyards?

Alternatives to grass lawns - Ground covers! North American backyards have one main point in common – Kentucky blue grass. But here we’re talking about gro...

Natural backyard swimming pool design (NSP)
Natural swimming pools and ponds

Natural ponds and natural swimming pools

...backyard aesthetic, natural pools have many other advantages, including: excellent water quality; chemical-free water treatment; creating habitat for wi...

Choosing a home and neighbourhood
Real estate

Shopping for a home? Some tips for finding the right house and neighbourhood

...Backyard privacy and greenery Sun exposure: For interior quality of life, also for a garden if that's your thing. Community: Do you like the neighbours and ...

Cutting a 110 year old dying pine tree.
Recycled and Reclaimed Materials

The rise of urban logging

...backyard studio (which Brian and Colleen have dubbed the treehouse) has drawn in many curious and inspired neighbours who have walked away with bits of this loc...

Artistic rendition of the 2000 square foot sustainable home being buil
Living Building Challenge

Taking the Living Building Challenge

...backyard for food production. Other features will be a rainwater treatment system for showers, photovoltaic solar panels feeding the power grid and pre-fab stra...

Vancouver's first laneway house
Tiny house

Vancouver 's laneway house movement is increasing urban density

...backyard' was applicable to a resistance, this is it. It's often hard at first to watch your neighbourhood add new houses, low rise buildings and certainly hi...

Net Zero Energy Home ZNE in Edmonton Alberta
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

Award winning Net Zero house in Edmonton Alberta Leads the Way

...backyard faces south with little obstruction, and the width of the lot on the east/west axis is sufficient to allow most 'living spaces' to be facing south, and...

Suburb of Toronto
Choosing where to live

Living a greener lifestyle in the suburbs

...backyard chicken coop. There are many ground covers and plants that are attractive as well as edible, so decorate your yard with Kale, spinach and strawberries ...