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Drywall and construction dust
Cleaning and maintenance

Tips for keeping air clean during renovations

Construction is a dirty business, and living in a home under renovation can aggravate asthma and other respiratory illnesses, it can also lead to issues developing that people didn't suffer from before. Air that is full of dust and chemicals can cause respiratory irritations even among adults who don't suffer from s...

Non-toxic building materials can improve home air quality
Healthy indoor air quality

Maintaining healthy indoor air quality

...Asthma Society of Canada says that the number of asthma cases being diagnosed world-wide increases by approximately 50% per decade. At present 3 million Canadians suffer from asthma, a rate that has seen a significant rise in the last 20 years. Though researchers have yet to determine the exact cause of the increase ...

Marmoleum is a non-toxic eco choice for flooring
Flooring and stairs

Marmoleum: a healthy and durable flooring option.

...asthma and other respiratory problems. This makes the floor easier to clean because dust and dirt don’t easily stick to the floor. Marmoleum gets tougher and more durable over time because the linseed oil continues to cure and harden. Yet it remains quiet and comfortable under foot, and most people claim they can wal...

Wildfire Smoke & How to Keep it Outside Homes
Healthy indoor air quality

How to keep wildfire smoke out of Green Homes with mechanical ventilation systems?

...asthma patients may suffer flare-ups. According to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, outdoor particle levels increase twice as much as indoor levels during a smoky wildfire. To minimize exposure, staying indoors as much as possible is recommended. If building occupants must go outdoors for any reason, the US E...

The LEED rating system
LEED Homes

The LEED rating system

...asthma and respiratory illnesses. LEED rewards builders for taking steps to reduce or eliminate many of these pollutants. Air quality is improved through design features, material choices, moisture control measures, combustion venting, home ventilation, and air filtering. This results in a healthier indoor environmen...

Condensation on windows in our homes - why is it there? - how to stop it?
Walls and Roofs

Condensation on windows is a pain but is it a problem & how to stop it?

...asthma symptoms in people with asthma. The IOM also found limited or suggestive evidence linking exposure to damp indoor environments in general to shortness of breath, to respiratory illness in otherwise healthy children and to potential development of asthma in susceptible individuals. In 2009, the World Health Organ...

Pre-fabricated straw bale SIPS panels, an environmental choice
Wall assemblies - new construction

Modern straw bale SIPS construction: high performance, durable, affordable & interesting

...asthma. Indoor air quality is something we should spend a bit more time thinking about, and Straw Bale SIPS are big winners in that arena. Straw is a natural and non-toxic material; raw wood and concrete are equally benign, so this could be a good start to creating a healthy home. To read about choosing the right ins...

MDF Formaldehyde Free Alternatives - Made from Rice Stalks
Healthy indoor air quality

The formaldehyde-free MDF non-toxic alternative made of natural rice-stalks

...Asthma rates in children . There have been many attempts to fabricate eco-friendly alternatives to MDF made with natural materials, including hemp rigid board panels and plant-based rigid foam panels. But rice, which ranks second in terms of grain production worldwide, offers a great opportunity to make use of agricu...

Spray Foam Insulation - Is it Good or Toxic & Dangerous?
Insulation and soundproofing

Is spray foam insulation a good choice for your home? Or a toxic recipe for disaster?

...asthma, lung damage and, in severe cases, fatal reactions." The really scary part, is that once you have been ‘sensitized’ from exposure to MDI, it can lead to the development of chemical sensitivities, and even the tiniest subsequent exposure in the future can have severe health effects. The catalyst for the react...

Are Laminate Countertops Good for Sustainable Green Counters in Homes?

Are laminate countertops good for a sustainable green home?

...asthma, we still recommend keeping toxins and carcinogens out of homes in the first place, so it's good to know which product labels to look out for when choosing the best laminate countertops. A Formica countertop - attractive, durable & now sustainable & with low toxicity thanks to better manufacturing One st...

Healthy indoor air quality

The impact of ambient fragrances on our health

...asthma, respiratory difficulties and illness, diarrhea and ear problems in children, neurological disorders, ventricular fibrillation, reproductive disorders, immune system disorders and cancer. [5] . Studies [6] conducted in the US and Australia reported that exposure to indoor perfumes and deodorants caused respira...