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Green building certifications

Got a Green Home You Want to Show Off? Nominate Yourself for an Award.

The Canadian Green Building Awards are open to anyone who thinks they have a contender. No certification is needed, all homes are judged based on their merits alone. Winners will receive national exposure through the CaGBC , SAB Magazine and ecoHouse Canada magazine . Winning builders will also walk away with seriou...

The high performance almost ZNE Warburg house by bioi - built for under $100,00
Efficient home design

A High Performance Home on a Shoe String Budget (Almost ZNE!)

...architecture as well as construction, bioi seeks to further what we currently accept as typical in standard building practice. With over 35 years of experience in architecture, construction, industrial and graphic design, bioi is a collaborative studio under its principals Jordan Allen and Ryan Trefz.

Celsius Solar Igloo
Solar thermal collectors

Celsius: The solar heated igloo!

...architecture vivante Us: What is Celsius insulated with? L. McC : The igloo is insulated from the noise and cold by 10,000 pounds of recovered clothing loaned to us for the event. The key to its performance is the continuity of the vapor barrier (interior) and the air barrier (exterior). Us: How is the sun used to heat...

Green homes climate change
Lifestyle and environment

Green buildings are better situated to handle climate extremes

...Architecture and Urban Planning released a landmark report Feb. 29 that describes how green buildings advance resiliency in disasters. “Green Building and Climate Resilience: Understanding Impacts and Preparing for Changing Conditions” describes potential adaptive strategies available to green building practitioners. T...

Multi Unit Passive House design Vancouver Island BC
Passive House

The North Park Passive House on Vancouver Island, BC

...Architecture + Design , and combined the context of the existing neighbourhood and Passive House principles. Details give a modern flare to the aesthetic while still achieving an extremely high level of energy-efficiency.Deep-set windows and doors are a result of wall thickness, and, simply through their inherent quali...

Multi-unit Passive House for Heiltsuk First Nation on Campbell Island,
Passive House

Multi-unit Passive House for Heiltsuk First Nation in British Columbia

...Architecture had been involved in the assessment of the fire damaged structure, and saw the opportunity for an innovative solution to this challenging project. It sought out Spani Developments, a local company that had worked previously for VCH, but also had experience building homes in remote locations. It quickly b...

LEED Canada on the rise
LEED Homes

LEED Canada shows strong growth during summer of 2015 including first LEED® v4 certified project

...architecture and engineering, along with leading experts in the field of sustainable development to earn LEED’s highest level The iNova Credit Union in Halifax, NS, which certified LEED Silver. The goal of this project was to develop a space for the better serves employees and reduces environmental impact. Sustainabi...

Skygarden House home renovation in Toronto, Canadian Green Building winner
Real estate

This beautiful Renovation in Toronto is a Canadian Green Building Award Winner

...Architecture + Design General contractor: Vaughan Construction Management Structural engineer: Blackwell Photography: Shai Gil The bright and airy contemporary living space The master bedroom bathed in light from the triple glazed windows To see more examples of beautiful Green Homes see here , fr...

An attic with 'insulating paint' which doesn't insulate
Insulation and soundproofing

Does 'insulating paint' work?

...Architecture School and practice tells me that this is impossible." - Lloyd Alter "If this paint is really equivalent to R-24 batt insulation, why in the world would we put any insulation in our walls at all?" - Jon Eakes Learn all about real insulation here , in the EcoHome Green Building Guides

Gas powered tankless water heaters
Plumbing and water heaters

Are tankless water heaters good?

...Architecture (Hons.) from the University of Queensland (Australia), where she studied Environmental Technology under Dr. Steven V. Szokolay (architect, energy and environmental consultant and textbook author). She hopes to make use of her eclectic experience (in architecture, law, international sport and translation) t...

Gabion walls can be used for building homes
Concrete and masonry

Gabion Walls - what is a gabion cage & how to build with them?

...architecture Gabion walls in modern architect-designed homes Gabion walls are an integral part of the design of the ZEB Pilot House The ZEB Pilot house in Norway is a good example incorporating gabion stone cages in home design where they are used to build both interior and exterior walls. This single-famil...