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the installation of a LucidPipe power generator via Lucid Energy

Portland, Oregon will Soon Generate Hydroelectric Power in Water Pipes Under City Streets.

...alternative power sources to replace fossil fuels, the energy that can be harnessed from moving water is leading to some impressive technological advances. ...

Aerial view of The Earth Rangers Centre (CNW Group/Earth Rangers)
LEED Homes

The Earth Rangers Retrofit a rEED Gold building and earn LEED Platinum

...Energy consumption 83% below energy code baseline 130,000 kWh of annual solar energy generation (enough to power 12 average Canadian homes for a year) 1.5 milli...

The birthplace of Passive House solar home design The Saskatchewan Conservation
Passive solar home design

Saskatchewan: The birthplace of Passive House and passive solar home design other homes required. The premise was to rely as much as possible on the energy freely available from the sun. The Saskatchewan Conservation House was ...

Mixed interior room lighting

Home lighting design

...alternative to incandescent. Priced higher than incandescent bulbs, the life span and reduced energy consumption make it a worthwhile investment. On the negat...

Decentralized Energy Generation for LEED, Passive House & Green Homes
Renewable energy

Which is the Best Type of Home Energy Generation for Green Homes? continuing to rise and a global push towards energy conservation and renewable energy solutions, we need to look into alternative ways of generating powe...

Wood pellet stoves that don't need electric ideal for off grid operation
Wood stove and biomass heat

These wood pellet stoves for off-grid heating don't need electric to operate batteries whose energy is accessed when we burn them. After the 1998 Eastern Canada ice storm, wood pellet stove sales in that area went through the ro...

Thermal batteries for passive solar design
Efficient home design

Thermal batteries: how to passively store heat required would be 75.2 kJ. The amount of energy put in is the amount of energy stored in a material, as this energy will later be released as the mater...

The difference between air barriers and vapour barriers
Air and vapour barriers

The Difference between air barriers and vapor barriers

...Energy, "air movement accounts for more than 98% of all water vapor movement in building cavities.” If you think of how a polyethylene vapor barrier is instal...

Skylights can be problematic in a high performance home
Windows and doors

Are skylights an asset or a liability? efficiency: Any way you slice it, the deck is stacked against skylights in terms of their energy performance . They will add a little bit of heat on su...

Zero Carbon Homes - The S1600 Prefab Eco Home is affordably Close
Planning and Design

Zero Carbon Homes - The S1600 Prefab Eco Home gets affordably Close and operating energy with the S1600, which showed embodied energy as a small fraction of the total foorprint, and compared that to the embodied energy in...

Building a Passive House that's LEED Certified too - an Owner's Tale
Passive House

An owner/builder's account of building a Passive House consumption by surpassing the energy targets or implementing strategies to lower the total energy demand, like the inclusion of renewable energy systems....