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Why Building Affordable Eco Homes is Important
Efficient home design

Why building an affordable family home today means choosing to build a Green Home

...air leakage rates and low insulation levels have significantly dropped in selling price, while high efficiency modern eco homes have gone up in price - by the simple mechanics of supply and demand. This is easily explained by the fact that when faced with the choice, almost all of us would prefer a modern, comfortable,...

Carpenter ants are a common pest and nuisance to get rid of in homes
Pest control

Removing insects and rodents from your home, safely & humanely (by preference)

...air leakage. Warm air escaping from your house in winter will condense at those openings as it cools and leave moisture that will saturate wood. So, unless you’ve eliminated the food source after extermination, they will just return. It’s important to first find and fix the problem. Removing carpenter and other commo...

How much is Too Much Insulation in my Attic or Walls?
Insulation and soundproofing

How much insulation is too much in attics and walls?

...air leakage - which in terms of a high performance homes' efficiency and durability is another hugely important factor to consider, build to and to measure using a blower door test . So, follow that logic for a moment – when homes lose less heat, they need to ADD less heat. And sometimes…not all the time but sometime...